Visitor Policy

2022-23 Campus Living Visitor Policy

Updated on 8/5/2022
Updated on 8/5/2022

This policy governs visitation to Lewis & Clark College residential facilities (i.e., Campus Living facilities) during the 2022-2023 academic year, guided by the following principles:

  • The health and safety of the Lewis & Clark community is our top priority.
  • One method of decreasing density and therefore increasing the safety of our community is by providing guidelines for visitors to campus and their hosts.
  • Visitors are required to adhere to current protocols in place to keep the Lewis & Clark community safe.

This policy is meant to supplement not replace any federal, state, or county health and safety regulations with which Lewis & Clark must comply. A visitor is defined here as any individual entering a Lewis & Clark residential facility who is not assigned to live in that specific facility, and is not a College staff or faculty member with responsibilities in that specific facility.

All visitors to Lewis & Clark College residential facilities must be hosted by an assigned resident of that facility, or by College employees with responsibilities in that specific facility. Hosts are responsible for their visitors’ adherence to all Lewis & Clark and Campus Living policies during their visit, including adherence to COVID-19 safety related policies.

Visitors may stay overnight with the approval of a host resident’s roommate(s). Overnight visitors are allowed to stay for a maximum of three consecutive nights, not to exceed 10 days per semester, except with the permission of your Area Director. Overnight visitors are not permitted over Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring breaks. Visitors may not sleep in lounges or any other common areas of residential facilities.

Requirements for those hosting visitors to campus living facilities:

  • As the host, you must inform your visitors of this policy prior to their visit.
  • Hosts are expected to register guests that are not current Lewis & Clark students or employees using the Campus Living visitor registration form. Registration includes providing names, email addresses, and phone numbers of visitors. If there is a positive COVID-19 case, health officials may need this information for a contact tracing investigation. This information will be destroyed sixty (60) days after the visit.
  • Visitors are required to follow current Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Public Guidance and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Public Guidance on COVID-19.
  • If any visitors are showing symptoms of a communicable disease such as persistent cough, or otherwise are not following Lewis & Clark health and safety protocols, they should be asked to leave campus.

All visitors will be required to follow health and safety protocols adopted by the College and as required by federal, state, or county regulations. This includes, but is not limited to: self-monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms before coming on campus; complying with the College’s face-covering policy; and regular handwashing.

All visitors to campus are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated and boosted, and proof of vaccination and booster (if eligible for a booster) may be required for visitors attending college events, such as athletic events, lectures, performances, and receptions. Visitors should self-monitor for COVID-like symptoms before coming to campus, and should not come to campus if they have any of these symptoms.

College officials or college staff may at any time check that visitors have been registered by their host, and ask for proof of full vaccination if visitors are present without facial coverings. Campus Living will always check that a host has registered their visitor (and ask for proof of full vaccination or an approval to visit with a negative COVID test) when visitors are present for, or engaged in, alleged violations of College and Campus Living policies.

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