Residency Requirement and Exemptions

Updated 2/20/2023

Residency Requirement

Undergraduate students are required to live on campus for 4 semesters unless they qualify for an exemption. For a few students the four-semester requirement may be interrupted for a variety of reasons, however the institutional expectation is that once a student returns to campus, they will complete the four semester requirement. The College requires all entering students to live on campus for 4 semesters because we believe that your academic experience is enhanced by the learning that goes on outside the classroom.

*Exemptions to the four-semester residency requirement include:

  • students who are living locally (within 30 miles of the college) with parents/guardians,
  • are married,
  • are over the age of 21 at the beginning of Fall semester,
  • or have 61 credit hours (new transfer students only).

Overseas Trips and the Residency Requirement

We count semesters overseas through the Office of Overseas and Off-Campus Programs towards you residency requirement progress. This is in acknowledgement that students participating in these programs are still realizing the college’s goals for growth and transition to college that are a foundation for the residency requirement.


Exemptions and Releases

Incoming students looking for information on how to move forward with an exemption, click here

Returning students looking to be released from the residency requirement or a housing contract, continue reading. 

Contract Release

If you are a returning resident seeking an exemption to the four-semester residency requirement or if you are interested in canceling their housing contract, you must complete the Contract Release Petition form and submit it with any supporting documentation. Submit completed petition to the Office of Campus Living no later than:

  • March 31 in anticipation of filing a request for Fall semester housing;
  • July 1 for a contract or agreement beginning Fall semester;
  • November 1 for a Spring semester contract or agreement.
  • Contract Release Petition

In addition to a Contract Release Petition, students will also need to submit an Agreement Termination Notice so our office is aware of your intended vacate date.