Learning and Living at Lewis & Clark

Our Guiding Philosophy

Campus Living co-creates a supportive, interdependent, and educationally purposeful residential community for Lewis & Clark.

To this end, we sustain the following principles:

  • Celebrate the wisdom of diversity and inclusion;
  • Promote engagement and citizenship;
  • Foster self-advocacy and personal responsibility;
  • Champion holistic student development and the betterment of the collective.

This philosophy guides our work in Campus Living as we serve our students as part of the Division of Student Life. The Division of Student Life empowers students to learn, lead, and engage the traditions of the liberal arts in the 21st century. As holistic educators, we partner with students through their development in academic & experiential learning, civic leadership & career development, diversity & inclusion, and wellness. We create an enduring community of belonging in which all students can take pride and realize their potential.

Our Learning Outcomes

Campus Living strives to engage students in the residential community and design programs and processes that encourage student learning.

  • Students who live on campus will demonstrate personal responsibility and self-advocacy by participating in campus living processes.
  • By living in campus housing, students will have the opportunity to engage with those who are different from themselves and recognize the value diversity has on a developing community,
  • Students living in campus housing will be introduced to and gain understanding of the resources available to them to foster their success in the residential community.