Learning and Living at Lewis & Clark

Campus Living at Lewis & Clark focuses its program development and delivery on 4 key foundations:

  • Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    • Campus Living works to foster an environment where students of all backgrounds and lived experiences will find belonging, support, and growth. Campus Living is committed to creating, and collaborating on, opportunities for communities and individuals to explore topics related to social identities, power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Purpose
    • When you do something with purpose, you do it with determination. When your activities have a purpose, you have an aim or intention in mind. Whether it is extracurriculars a student engages in, the experiences they seek on or off campus, their academic pursuits, or their professional path, Campus Living seeks to help students reflect on, discover, and express their “why?”
  • Wellness
    • Finding balance, and caring for oneself, encompasses many areas of a student’s day to day life. Through living on campus, Lewis & Clark students will be engaged in a diversity of wellness dimensions that can assist them in thriving during their educational journey. These include social, physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellness. All of which are interconnected and important to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.
  • Relationships
    • Students are part of a myriad of communities. From being neighbors, to sharing a room, to being part of the larger Lewis & Clark Campus relationships are present in every aspect of student life and are at the heart of Campus Living. During their time on-campus Campus Living endeavors to help students navigate new and continuing relationships that will form the bedrock of their academic, co-curricular, and personal lives.