Housing Forms

Updated 2/3/2021

New Students and Transfer Students 

Please view our incoming students page for more information about new student housing process. 

For more information about what it is like to live on campus and in the residence halls, please take a moment to look at the Welcome brochure. 

Transfer Students

If you are transferring in with 60 or more credits, you are eligible for the on-campus apartments. However, we typically fill the apartments with continuing students during the Spring.  If you wish to live on campus whether or not you are placed in an apartment, you should complete both an apartment contract and a housing contract. On the housing contract rank the three residence halls (not apartments) you prefer to live-in, if you are not placed in an apartment. 

Continuing Students                    

Students submitting forms for the 2020-21 academic year will need to submit the appropriate paperwork (Housing Contract or Apartment Contract) along with proof that your $200 deposit has been received by the Office of Student Accounts.  Minimally, you must complete a Housing Contract and a Roommate Preference Sheet.  Living-learning community participation will require an additional application.  If you are eligible and plan to apply for a campus apartment, please complete an Application, Apartment Contract and Roommate Preference Sheet. Please be aware of the Early Sign-Up process as we expect to fill the apartments and many single rooms during this process.

For more complete information, you may download the following forms:

Students participating in an abroad program

If you are a current on-campus resident who only signed a Fall semester contract with campus living, you will have the opportunity to extend your housing contract through the Spring semester. There is a small number of students who fit into this category- likely because they anticipated an overseas study abroad program.