Overflow and Temporary Housing

updated 2/23/23

Residence Halls with new student Overflow or Temporary Housing Spaces for 2023-2024 include all buildings outside of Hartzfeld and the Apartments. 

Overflow Triples and Quads

Overflow room spaces are often regular rooms that can host an additional student during high occupancy periods (eg., a double room becomes a triple). We will make an effort to offer students in overflow room spaces the opportunity to move into designed doubles or quads during the semester. 

Temporary/Converted Spaces

Temporary and Converted room spaces are residential common areas that are converted into residential room spaces.  


Overflow spaces are outfitted with an additional bed, desk, chair, and drawer set for each occupant. Roommates in overflow triples in Odell will share the walk-in closet spaces with roommates. Other overflow spaces will receive an additional armoire/closet. 


Residents assigned to overflow and temporary spaces will receive a 20% discount on the standard room rate. Rooms that are de-tripled (a roommate is reassigned to a new room reverting the space back to its standard occupancy) by the end of the third week of the semester will be charged the standard room rate price.

Overflow Triple Furniture Removal

If an overflow triple room space is reverted to a double, Campus Living will work with Facilities to remove the added furniture from the room space contingent upon adequate storage space and staffing capacity. We will reach out to residents directly about our ability to remove additional sets of furniture.