Living Learning Communities

Updated 2/24/2022

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About Living-Learning Communities

Campus Living collaborates with other academic and student service partners across campus to enhance the experiences of residential students. Our mission is to cultivate high quality opportunities for cocurricular learning in the residence halls.

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) seek to develop connections: within communities, across campus, and to learning. We are driven to create a culture that aligns academic experiences with social and residential enrichment. Living-Learning Communities create an environment where students are able to establish relationships with faculty members and college departments beyond the classroom. Nationally there has been a great degree of research showing that LLCs have higher rates of persistence, engagement, and academic success.

All LLCs are supported by at least two assigned Resident Advisors, a Residential Experience Manager, and the Area Director of the building.


2022–2023 Living-Learning Communities Application Information