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Calling for Nomination: Student Life Staff Awards

The Vice President of Student Life Office is presenting the Student Life Staff Awards later this year. We invite all to nominate exceptional staff members today!

the Center launches IMPACT Certificate

The Center for Social Change and Community Involvement launches the Lewis & Clark College IMPACT Certificate for service learning and leadership.

Spring Break Gear Rentals!

Interested in checking out gear for your personal Spring Break Trips? College Outdoors has equipment you can rent!

Contact Thom at by Friday, March 11th at 4pm for any gear requests for Spring Break!

Please pick up your gear on: Monday, March 14th, 2022 between 11AM – 4PM (or make other arrangements if that’s absolutely not possible. No extra charge for picking the gear up on Monday.)

No rentals are available on the weekends immediately before or
after Spring Break. Those weekends are Mar. 11-13 and Apr. 1-3, 2022.

AUDITIONS - Spring Main Stage production of Medea

Audition Announcement for Spring 2022 production of Medea, by Euripides.

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