Platt-Howard Residence Hall

Platt-Howard is a centrally-located residence hall comprised of both continuing students and new first year students. Traditionally, Platt-Howard has had the largest percentage of first years of all the residence halls. However, over the past couple of years it has become increasingly popular for continuing students. With this unique mixture of residents, the hall has a highly energetic and active residential staff who are responsible for wide variety of events.

Platt West houses the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Living-Learning Community (LLC), a place where members of the floor embrace all forms of artistic expression, including writing, painting, drawing, dancing, playing musical instruments, singing, acting, or exploring previously uncharted artistic territory. Visit the webpage for details and applications.

  • Platt-Howard
    Take a look inside of Platt and Howard halls!
    Platt hall


Take a look at a typical room layout for a Platt DOUBLE occupancy room or a Howard DOUBLE occupancy room. 

To interact with these 360 videos, pause the video and close the pop up! You can click and drag your camera view around the 360 image to check out what a typical room looks like. Keep in mind, all images and videos here are just samples!

Howard was remodeled during the summer of 2005 so all the furniture is movable. Platt was remodeled in 2013, as was the Platteau. All of the beds in Platt and Howard are extra-long twin size with the bed frames having the capacity to be lofted.

Platt East contains the Global Village Living-Learning Community, a place where residence learn and practice Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish while also exploring these cultures. Visit the webpage for details and applications.

Residents of both the VAPA and Global Village LLCs strive to actively live and share their interests with the rest of Platt-Howard.

Platt-Howard houses the Platteau, a student-run art center with ceramics studio, photography lab, dance studio and common space for music, painting and other art work.