Liberal Arts = Lifelong Success

  • Exploring is at the core of Lewis & Clark’s identity, and our liberal arts education reflects that. Studying the liberal arts means that all of your classes will be grounded in critical thinking, written and verbal communication, teamwork, and problem solving. You’ll draw on these skills throughout your life, no matter where you work or what you do.

    You will take approximately 32 courses during your time here, and you’ll have choices when it comes to every single one. Your classes will be split roughly into thirds: general education, major requirements, and electives.

    General education classes cover your two first year seminar courses plus requirements in world languages, global and historical perspectives, creative arts, natural sciences, physical education and well-being, and more. You can choose from a wide variety of classes in many disciplines to complete this general education coursework, while your major courses give you the opportunity for in-depth study.

    Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to be completed in four years. We’re so committed to that timeline that if it takes you longer than four years, we’ll cover an extra semester of tuition. Want even more of the Lewis  &  Clark experience? Through our Graduate School of Education and Counseling’s Teacher Pathways program, you could earn your bachelor’s + master of arts in teaching degree (MAT) in five years. Plus, through the 3-3 partnership between our College of Arts and Sciences and our law school, you can earn a BA + law degree (JD) in six years instead of seven.

    Our Curriculum

    Lewis & Clark offers 29 majors, 31 minors, and robust preprofessional programs. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.


95 percent of the Lewis & Clark Class of 2019 is already changing the world through employment (80%), continuing studies (13%), and service work (2%) (within six months of graduation).

Meet Our Students

  • Studying abroad in a place as unique as Tanzania provided me with memories for a lifetime. Can you say that you saw a wild rhino on foot? Or that there was a lion prowling around your campsite at 6 in the morning? I not only experienced this, but also a radically different point of view of the world.

    Ben Sherer BA ’21
    Portland, Oregon
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  • All my professors have played an important role in my education, not just academically but also by offering direction and support for life outside academics.

    Mollee Chenoweth BA ’22
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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  • L&C has made me more confident in who I am and what I can accomplish. It has also made me more aware of all the change that must be made in our world to cultivate peace and justice.

    Shoshana Rybeck BA ’20
    Olney, Maryland
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