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Our students prize their relationships with nationally recognized professors, graduate-level research opportunities, and life-changing overseas programs. With abundant options and personal support, our students pursue their academic interests in Portland and across the globe.

Our Curriculum

Lewis & Clark offers 29 majors and 27 minors, as well as ideal preparation for careers in engineering, law, medicine, business, entrepreneurship, and teaching, among other professions. We also offer 30 overseas and off-campus programs, which have been recognized in U.S. News and World Report as among the best in the nation. 

Exploration and Discovery

The foundation for a Lewis & Clark education is Exploration and Discovery, our unique first-year core course. Through this two-semester experience, our students establish a common foundation in the world’s enduring questions as well as modern methods of analysis and discovery.

Preprofessional Preparation

Business and Management




Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Med Curriculum

Additional Offerings

Academic English Studies (ESL)


Geological Sciences

Overseas and Off-Campus Study

Physical Education


Educational Philosophy

A national college with a global reach, Lewis & Clark can offer opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. A typical day might find you helping your biology professor gather botanical samples for a habitat study, meeting with other students to plan the annual Gender Studies Symposium, or interning in a high-tech firm in Oregon’s Silicon Forest.

The first priority of the Lewis & Clark faculty is teaching. Small class sizes and close contact between professors and students create opportunities for discussion and collaboration both in and outside the classroom. Our faculty are active in research and scholarship and often involve students in their work.