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Campus Living offers extremely limited storage in the residence halls for our on-campus students. Most complexes have a locked trunk room in which belongings may be stored for $20/month to students who meet the eligibility requirements and the published deadlines relative to storage. A maximum of three boxes (28x28x18, we recommend plastic tubs) may be stored over summer or over the semester for students participating in LC sponsored overseas or domestic programs. In either case, students are only eligible for storage provided a valid housing contract or lease agreement and deposit is on file for the upcoming semester or academic year. Priority consideration will be given to students who submit a completed Storage Contract by the suggested deadline (outlined below) whose permanent home address (official LC records) is outside the continental US.  Students whose permanent address is less than 600 miles from Portland will not be eligible for on campus storage.

If you wish to store items on campus, you will need to submit a contract. Completion of a Storage Contract does not guarantee you will be able to store your belongings. You should consider making alternate/backup arrangements for off-campus storage or plan to send your belongings home.  Suggested deadline for submission of the Storage Contract is December 1 for Winter break/Spring semester/Summer break (8 months = $160) and April 12 for Summer (4 months = $80) or Summer/Fall storage (8 months = $160).  Pre-payment for the length of your storage contract is expected.

No specific storage area is guaranteed. If you are granted storage, you should be prepared to transport and store your three boxes in a residence hall storage room other than your current hall.

The following applies to ALL on-campus storage:

Storage Eligibility

  • Storage room access is limited to residential Lewis & Clark students who meet the eligibility requirements.
  • For summer storage, you must have submitted the required contract or lease agreement and deposit for campus housing for the Fall semester.  Storage space is extremely limited and only available to those who meet eligibility and published deadlines.  Priority consideration will be given to students whose permanent address is outside the continental US. 
  • If you wish to store items during the semester of your participation in a Lewis & Clark sponsored overseas or domestic program, you must have submitted the required contract or lease agreement and deposit for the semester immediately following your program.
  • Students withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from the institution may NOT store any personal items in College owned storage rooms.


  • RESIDENCE HALL STORAGE: A maximum of three boxes may be stored over summer break or over the semester if you are participating in an LC sponsored overseas/domestic program.  Boxes cannot exceed 28x28x18 inches and cannot weigh more than 70 pounds. All articles must be clearly marked with an official trunk room label. A bicycle can be stored if it is disassembled, in a box, and counts as one of your three items.  Furniture of any kind cannot be stored. Storage or trunk rooms, like other campus buildings, are governed by Fire Codes. Once we’ve hit capacity, we are unable to accept any more boxes.  (Storage location options:  Odell, Ponderosa, Holmes, Platt West and Copeland)
  • APARTMENT STORAGE: Apartment area storage lockers are approximately 4x4x3 feet; storage cannot exceed one locker per resident. Residents are responsible for providing locks for the storage lockers. All items placed in lockers must be boxed and clearly marked with an official trunk room label.  A bicycle can be stored if it is inside the locker.  Furniture, other than what will fit inside a storage cage, cannot be stored at any time.
  • Bicycles cannot be left in bike rooms in the residence halls during summer break or during participation in overseas or off-campus programs. Once the halls close, remaining bikes will be considered abandoned and be donated to a charitable organization.
  • Items prohibited in Settling In are not permitted in storage rooms.  We recommend you take valuable items home with you rather than placing them in trunk rooms.  The current Settling In can be found at this link.

Access and Security

  • Storage facilities are accessible only during posted trunk room hours at the start and end of each semester.
  • Access to storage during Winter and Summer breaks is permitted but only as staff availability allows and will incur a fee of $50 for each access.  Fees will be collected upon entry.
  • All personal goods placed in storage area must be removed within ten days of your return to campus. If you require access to your storage space, you must make an appointment with your RA or Area Director.  Please provide at least 24-hours notice.


  • Lewis & Clark does not assume liability for personal property, including theft, damage, or loss whether in storage or in a residence hall room.
  • Any item(s) left 30 days past your expected date of return will be disposed of or donated to charity.
Insurance coverage for your personal property is not provided by the College and is your responsibility.

Off-Campus Storage

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