On-Campus Laundry

Each residence hall has free laundry facilities for resident use.

(Updated 10/25/2022)

CSC Serviceworks is the vendor that supplies laundry machines to our campus. In order to start laundry machines students need to create an account in the CSC Pay mobile app. The app will show that funds are needed to start the washer or dryer. CSC Serviceworks loads student accounts with funds to run machines and laundry will continue to be included in the cost of housing and will not require students to pay out of pocket.


Download the CSC Pay Mobile App: 

Apple: CSC Pay Mobile

Google: CSC Pay Mobile App

Please be mindful of others when doing laundry and promptly remove your clothes from the machines when the cycle is complete. Please DO NOT place clothes on top of the washing machines or dryers. It will cause them to become unbalanced and to over heat. Always follow the posted instructions with regard to capacity and the amount of soap used in machines.

Issues with a machine? Please submit a service request through one of these methods:

App: (Best Option!)

  • Download the CSC ServiceWorks app 
  • Use your camera to scan the machine barcode and tap Submit. You may also type the license plate # in manually.
  • Select the appropriate problem (Ex- Dryer not heating, Washer Full of Water..)



  • Call into our Customer Service line- 844-272-9675
  • Customers/Consumers will select Option 1
  • Property Managers/Owners will select Option 2