Out of House Membership

Updated 2/20/23

Students who are interested in a Living Learning Community that they do not reside in may sign up for an Out of House (OOH) Membership.

Out of House Memberships provide students with an opportunity to scope out different LLCs they are considering living in. Students can be active members of the communities that they want to be a part of, even if they do not live there. There is no limit to how many Out of House Memberships students can have. 

With an Out of House Membership, students may:

  • Gain access to an LLC’s programming and social events
  • Promotional emails about LLC-related events from student leaders
  • Priority assignment into midyear vacancies in an LLC
  • Increased chances of placement in an LLC for the next academic year based on participation
  • Swipe access into an LLC’s specific building (excluding the Apartments)
Out of House Membership Fees
Out of House Memberships require students to pay a nominal, semester fee to support swipe access and programming costs. If accepted into an LLC as an OOH member, the fee will be charged to your student account. For the 23-24 school year, the fees are:
$15 / semester:
  • Visual and Performing Arts, Outdoor Pursuits
$10 / semester:
  • Holistic Wellness, Aspiring Educators, Environmental Action, Social Change, Travel Lounge, Global Languages and Cultures
No fee:
  • Launchpad
Scholarships are available for students who are Pell-eligible or a Davis scholar. All students may inquire about scholarships by emailing living@lclark.edu.

Interested in being an Out of House member to an LLC? Sign up here!


Out of House Membership FAQs