Forest Halls

The Forest Complex, located at the southwest corner of campus, consists of five independent buildings (Alder, Manzanita, Juniper, Spruce, & Ponderosa) and a sixth central building (Tamarack) that serves as a main lounge area. Each of the five buildings has two stories, housing ten to thirty-two people. Every floor in Forest includes a small kitchen, as well as a lounge used for relaxation and study. Single, double, and quad occupancy rooms contribute to the comfortable small group living atmosphere.

While taking advantage of the opportunities offered by our smaller, independent Halls, we still take care to offer the amenities of a more traditional, larger living environment.  Upper Tamarack — in addition to the AD office — contains a large lounge with a fireplace, kitchen, piano, and big screen TV with VCR and DVD players.

Manzanita is home to the Environmental Action Living-Learning Community as well as the Outdoor Pursuits Living-Learning Community. Please visit the respective LLC webpages for more details as well as the application.

Juniper, renovated during the summer of 2014, contains 29 singles with extra-long double beds, and is ideal for upper-classmen living.

Explore The Forest Halls…

Take a look at a typical room layout for a QUAD or a DOUBLE occupancy room. You can download either page for a closer look but keep in mind, especially for a quad, this is just a sample. Of course, every four-person room has four beds, desks, closets, dressers but the layout might be slightly different.