Campus housing is available to all undergraduate students at Lewis & Clark a few students, the four-semester requirement may be interrupted for a variety of reasons. The institutional expectation however, is that once the students return to campus, they will complete the four semester requirement. The College requires all entering students to live on campus for four semesters because we believe that your academic experience is enhanced by the learning that goes on outside the classroom.

For new students, housing documents will only be available starting in late January and once prospective students have viewed all acceptance letters in their Pioneer Portal.

Continuing students receive housing information through email early in March for submission in April.

For more information about life on campus and in the residence halls, please take a look at our You Belong Here brochure.  

2020-21 Room and Board

(expected Board of Trustees approval)

Room Rates    

Room Type

Semester Rate

Academic Year Rate











Meal Plan Rates (updated to reflect the Fall 2020 amended academic calendar)

Meal Plan Type

Spring Semester Rate

Academic Year Rate

19 Meals



14 Meals



14 Meals with Flex (150)



10 Meals with Flex (175)



100 Block with Flex (200)*



50 Block with Flex (300)*



Flex Only (625)*



Supplemental Meal Plan 



 *Eligibility rules apply: Apartments are open to students who have completed four semesters on campus or who meet qualifications as laid out in the lease agreement. Block meal plans are only offered to Junior, Senior, Graduate and Law students. Flex Only meals plans are only available to students who are living in the apartments on campus. 

Your room rent includes electricity, heat, garbage disposal, recycling, local telephone service, wireless network access, laundry and voice mail. The College supplies a bed, desk, desk chair, bureau, closet and wastebasket and recycle bin. 

The “board” portion of “room and board,” commonly referred to as the meal plan, is required of every residential student. You may choose from among several meal plans. Plans are based on the number of meals, either per week (10-14 plans) or per semester (block plans), and assumes one meal per meal period. Several plans also include flex points. Flex is value placed on your student ID card which you can use like a declining balance. The 14 Flex plan has 150 flex points to use throughout the semester, 10 Flex comes with 175 points. One point equals $1 in value. Points carry over from semester to semester if you remain on a meal plan, however, at the end of the year, any remaining points are lost.

The 19 Meal plan allows you to enter Fields Dining Room during any meal period.

We also offer Block meal plans to juniors and seniors residing on campus who have completed their two-year residency requirement.  The first option is a 100 Block meal plan with 200 Flex.  So, students can have any 100 meals per semester at any time in Fields Dining Room or for a meal equivalency in the Trail Room.  Flex points can be spent at any Bon Appetit location at Lewis and Clark.  The second option is a 50 Block meal plan with 300 Flex.  Block plans are a good option for student who appreciate the value of Fields Dining Room and the “All-You-Care-to-Eat” program. Unused Block plan meals are lost at the end of a semester but unused flex points carry over from fall to spring semester provided you remain in campus housing.  

Students living off-campus are eligible for any of the meal plans listed above. You may sign up for a meal plan by visiting the Campus Living Office or sending an email to Campus Living (living@lclark.edu) with your meal plan choice and student ID number. 

Our food service provider, Bon Appetit, takes special care to offer students a wide variety of entree items (including vegetarian and vegan options) plus unlimited salad, dessert, and beverage bars. You can view the current weeks menu through their website as well as other helpful information.

Changing Your Meal Plan

The deadline to complete a meal plan change for Fall 2020 was September 4, 2020 at 4pm. The deadline to change a meal plan for Spring 2021 is Friday, January  22nd at 5pm. To change your meal plan for Spring 2021, please use this form

Collegiate Concepts- MicroFridge Rentals (Fall Semester Only)

If you are interested in renting a MicroFridge please visit the Collegiate Concepts website before the August 5th deadline. When completing an online form, please leave your room number blank. Campus Living will work with Collegiate Concepts to get your MicroFridge delivered to the correct room to avoid mistakes.  

College Plus Insurance for Students

Learn about College Student Insurance by clicking here. If you are interested in purchasing an insurance policy for your personal property please visit the Worth Ave. Group College Plus Insurance plan website.