Housing FAQ

Welcome to living on campus here at Lewis & Clark College! We have done our best to answer the questions that come up the most, but of course if you still have questions, please feel free to contact the Campus Living office at living@lclark.edu or (503) 768-7123.

Fall 2021 FAQ

  • We are changing our housing process for returning students and will no longer have an early housing sign up process. Instead, students will use our new housing portal. More information can be found here

Spring 2021

  • If you are taking a leave of absence, withdrawing, or going remote (by February 12th, 2021) for spring semester, you may receive a prorated refund for room and board. 

    To estimate your pro-rated refund, start by adding the total cost of your room and board together. Multiply this total cost number by the percentage of the semester that remains.

    For example, if 2/3 of the semester is left, multiply room and board by .66. 

    This will be your estimated prorated refund amount. The exact amount of your prorated refund will calculated through your student account after you complete all necessary forms and steps for moving off campus.

    For further questions on accessing your prorated refund once it has been processed by our office, please reach out to accountservices@lclark.edu

  • This past fall, we asked that students limited their trips off campus to being for essential reasons. Spring will ask students to continue to limit their off-campus trips to essential reasons. While off campus, we ask that you  practice social distancing at all times, wear masks in all public places, and wash your hands regularly. See this CDC webpage for more information about best health practices for using public transit, rideshare, and other transportation options.

    Please refer to the Vice President of Student Life’s Expectations for Life on Campus. for more information. 

  • If your roommate tests positive for COVID at any point, there is a good chance you will need to move to a section of a different residence hall (dedicated to students in quarantine) for 14 days, until we can be sure you are not infected. You will need to stay in quarantine for that two-week time period. The college will provide you with meals in your room during your quarantine, and an opportunity to stay engaged academically.

    If your roommate develops symptoms, but has not yet been tested for COVID or is awaiting test results, we encourage you to contact the Health Service (503-768-7165) for guidance about next steps.

  • Your room is considered an indoor private space, so face coverings are not required to be worn if you are alone in your room with your roommate. However, you might still choose to wear your mask.

  • Yes. All L&C students, staff, and faculty are required to wear face coverings in public spaces. There will be reusable masks provided for all L&C members. Students who are unable to wear a face covering for medical or other reasons should contact Student Support Services to request an exemption.

  • Know the symptoms of COVID-19. If you ever experience these symptoms, immediately self-isolate and follow the directions on the Health Service website. Anytime the Health Service is closed, you can reach our NEW nurse consultation service by calling 1-877-617-9531. This is a NEW phone number for the 2020-21 academic year!

  • We are working to keep any cases of COVID-19 on campus this year to a minimum, but we do expect to have some cases. We are well prepared to handle a reasonable number of cases. Should there be a significant outbreak, Campus Living will follow any guidelines or orders that come from state and county health officials. We will work to make sure that no students are left without housing if Campus Living is forced to close.

  • The housing deferment will not affect your ability to study abroad. You will just need to complete your requirement once you are back.

  • Because your health and safety is our top priority, life on campus this fall will be different and, unfortunately, more restrictive than before. The decision to limit or restrict certain events and opportunities is intended to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and to best enable us to continue delivering the on-campus experience you have come to expect. We are attempting to create a campus “bubble” by limiting who can be on campus, and if you live on campus, you will stay on campus for the semester and to refrain from leaving campus for non-essential travel.

    Application to leave campus for non-essential activities

    If you believe you are in need of an exemption to off-campus activities/travel, you will need to submit this form. The form will be reviewed by staff in the Division of Student Life, and a decision about approval will be rendered and sent to your LClark email. Please be aware this can take up to 5 business days, so please submit this request well in advance of your travel. Please also be aware that failure to fill out all of the fields may lead to a delay in approval.

  • As a community member, monitoring yourself is vital. Familiarizing yourself with symptoms of COVID-19 is important. Caring for others by maintaining good personal hygiene as instructed by the CDC (washing hands, wearing a face covering in public spaces where you are less than 6 ft away from someone, etc.) is beneficial. Not going to public spaces (class, dining hall, activity center, etc.) if you have any concerning symptoms is crucial for protecting the community. Any student living on-campus will be asked to sign a statement assuming personal responsibility for their health.

  • Students will be allowed access to shared spaces as long as they are being mindful of the capacity limits of those spaces. There will be signage up indicating these limits. If there are ever any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Campus Living staff members.

  • Yes, currently the State and Local guidelines require a combination of social distancing, wearing masks, and following other health guidelines. Couches have been removed from residence hall lounges in order to ensure social distancing.

  • Yes, there will be increased cleaning for residence hall bathrooms, common areas, and communal spaces similar to the cleaning in other parts of campus.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, socialize and operate day-to-day. Honestly, things will have to change to maintain a safe community for all. We are continuously working to de-densify the campus, meaning most rooms will either be doubles or singles unless living in Apartment style or semi-double style rooms.

General Questions

  • We are changing our housing process for returning students and will no longer have an early housing sign up process. Instead, students will use our new housing portal. More information can be found here

  • The deadline to complete a meal plan change for Fall 2020 was September 4, 2020 at 4pm. The deadline to change a meal plan for Spring 2021 is Friday, January 22nd at 5pm. To change your meal plan for Spring 2021, please use this form.

  • Normally, we would have alerted you of your roommate assignment by this time in the calendar. However, we have delayed confirming roommate assignments and housing placements for several reasons. As we are working to de-densify the residence halls, we are sure that we will need to continue to reassign students in the upcoming weeks. The new housing option mentioned above will give us a clearer picture of who will actually be living in the halls. Most importantly, we are working to ensure that our rooming assignments meet the both State and Local guidelines for health and safety. 

  • Once we review the majority of the completed housing contracts in May, we then begin the arduous task of matching students based on the information you give us on the Room Placement Questionnaire. Because this is done by Campus Living staff and not a computer, our success rate is very high. In July you will receive by mail the name/s, address/es, email and telephone number/s of your assigned roommate/s.

  • Yes, a meal plan is obligatory when you live on campus. Our food service provider, Bon Appetit, has a twenty eight year history of working cooperatively with students and staff to offer excellent quality, variety and presentation of food service on our campus. They are open to suggestions and eager to meet the needs of Lewis & Clark students. If you have a medically prescribed diet that our food service cannot provide for you, an exception to the meal plan may be in order. Complete procedure guidelines for exception are available online.

  • Keep in mind the living space of a typical residence hall room is only about 10 x 12 which you’ll share with another student, so you should limit your packing to the most important personal belongings. All furniture and fixtures are provided so you should leave your favorite easy chair at home. You and your roommate/s will be able to decide on the particular décor of your room, (if you’re into that sort of thing) and which one of you should bring the stereo, please include headphones! If you plan to bring a bicycle to campus please purchase a good quality U-lock for increased security. There are bike racks in each residence hall for storage during the academic year only (no summer storage for bikes).

  • Each residence hall has common study space, kitchen and/or kitchenettes, and free laundry facilities. Certain residence halls feature recreational equipment and coin operated snack machines. Each room is equipped with voice mail and all residence halls have direct access to the internet. The residence halls feature a convenience store, coffee shop, recreation/exercise space and a Student Art Center which includes a dark room, ceramics studio, areas for painting/drawing and a sound isolation room for music practice and a dance floor for performance space.

  • There is no curfew for students.