updated 2/7/2024

The following students are guaranteed a housing assignment for 2024-25, and not waitlisted:

  • Students with incomplete residency requirements
  • Students with complete residency requirements and an on-time applications & deposits
  • Davis scholars whose scholarship necessitates that they reside on campus

Housing Waitlist

Students applying after March 31st at 11:59pm PST and have a complete residency requirement are waitlisted for 24-25 in the following priority order:

  • Priority 1: Students with approved accommodations through the Office of Student Accessibility
  • Priority 2: Students whose upcoming abroad program is canceled, or who are not able to travel due to an unforeseen circumstance (established through consultation with other campus offices including but not limited to: Office of Financial Aid, Office of Overseas and Off-campus Programs, etc.)
  • Priority 3*: Tier 1 Late Spring 2025 applications (applied between April 1st and August 1st)
  • Priority 4*: Tier 2 Late Spring 2025 applications (applied after August 1st)


*Includes students who drop from an abroad trip still scheduled to take place, and apply for on-campus housing, whether for one additional term or the entire academic year.

Students will always be placed in the highest priority group that they are eligible for. Example: A student with approved housing accommodations (priority 1) disenrolled from a study abroad trip still scheduled to depart and applied for on-campus housing on August 2nd (priority 4). Campus Living will place this student in the Priority 1 waitlist tier.