Early Arrivals and Late Stays

updated 6/21/23

Fall 2023 Early Arrivals

  • For Fall 2023, halls open for new students* on Wednesday, August 30th. The halls open for returning students on Sunday, September 3rd. 
  • Stewart and Odell Residents for Fall 2023: Residents in Stewart and Odell halls will not be able to move into their room until Sunday, September 3rd. If you are participating in a college sponsored group/program that must arrive early (fall athletes, NST leaders, New Student Peer Mentors, etc.) and are assigned to Stewart Hall or Odell Hall for fall 2023, Campus Living will place you in a temporary room space for your early arrival. If you are not part of a college sponsored early arrival group, you will not be able to apply for early arrival housing in Stewart or Odell. Please note that this does not impact students assigned to Akin Hall.
  • We will start collecting early arrival submissions in late July and stop accepting submissions on Thursday, August 24th.
  • Early Arrival request must occur at least one week before the requested early arrival date. Requests submitted less than one week in advance of the requested arrival date is subjected to an expedited charge fee if approved. Any submissions after this date and time are not guaranteed to be reviewed.
  • Students must request an early arrival. Early arrival approval must come from our office (living@lclark.edu) prior to your early arrival to campus. A charge of $25/night will be applied to student account for approved early arrivals.
  • Unapproved early arrivals will carry a charge of $150/day early you have arrived.

*New students not participating in a College Outdoors New Student Trip, Fall Athletes, and students participating in other college sponsored programs that are approved for early arrival. 

Late Stays

  • The halls close for Spring 2023 at 12pm on May 5th. We define a late stay as needing room access from 12pm on Friday, May 5th through 3pm on Sunday, May 7th.
  • If you need to remain on campus past May 7th, we consider this Summer Break housing and you must apply for Summer Break housing.
  • We will start collecting late stay submissions on February 8th and stop accepting late stay form submissions on Thursday, April 27th. 

Students must request a late stay. Late stay approval must come from our office (living@lclark.edu) prior to your late stay. A charge of $25/night will be applied to your student account for approved late stays. 

Unapproved late stays will carry a charge of $150/day late. 

Learn more about Campus Living Charges here.