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Lewis & Clark fosters a community of globally engaged citizen-leaders who share a desire to create positive change.

We collaborate in academic and experiential learning, civic leadership and career development, diversity and inclusion, and wellness. We are an enduring community of scholars who inquire and work in an interdependent world, and create a place of belonging in which all students can take pride and realize their full potential. 

Our four main areas of concentration – health and wellness; civic leadership and career development; diversity; and experiential learning – are designed to support students’ transition to college by encouraging personal development, promoting co-curricular learning, stimulating educational success, and helping prepare students for lifelong careers. 


L&C Lingo

  • Pioneers

    Lewis & Clark’s athletic team nickname. After the college moved to its present location in 1942, Albany’s nickname of the Pirates was abandoned in favor of the Pioneers to reflect the new pioneering spirit of the college.

  • Opportunities & Announcements

    A weekly email that goes out to all students and promotes upcoming events, meetings, sports events and more.

  • Luau

    This popular event takes place every spring and features authentic Hawaiian food, costumes, music, and dancing. The Luau is the result of months of preparation by the Hawaii club.

  • GPA

    Grade point average.

  • Pac Man Lawn

    The “Pac-Man” shaped grassy area located between Tamarack and West Hall.

  • Pio Express (The Pio)

    The express bus service that provides free transportation from the college to downtown Portland.

  • Salsa Fiesta

    Started by a student in 1999, this annual celebration has grown into a favorite L&C event, attracting hundreds of students for lessons and dancing.

  • Akin Ghost

    Rumor has it that a friendly spirit occupies Akin Hall.

  • Pio Log

    The student-run campus newspaper.

  • Maggie’s

    An espresso cafe and convenience store located in Roberts Hall.

  • The Glade

    The elliptical grassy area located between Frank Manor house and Pamplin Sports Center, often referred to as the “grassy knoll.”

  • Dovecote

    An espresso cafe near the theater in the Albany Quadrangle.

  • Minor

    An approved program of study in discipline other than the major.

  • Major

    An approved program of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Fall Ball

    L&C’s major off-campus semi-formal dance. All students are welcome.

  • Pio Fair

    L&C’s annual “welcome back” event that kicks off the current school year.

  • The Bon

    Pronounced “the Bone,” this is the nickname for Fields Dining Room located in Templeton Student Center. Bon Appetit provides on campus food service.

  • SAAB

    The Student Academic Affairs Board, or SAAB, sponsors a campus-wide grant program for students and sponsors a tutoring program, in which students receive two free hours of tutoring per week per department.


  • IME

    Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

  • Orange & Black

    Lewis & Clark’s school colors were adopted in 1891 by the students of the college (then Albany College) in honor of President Elbert Condit’s alma mater, Princeton.

  • BA

    Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • Prerequisite

    A course required as prior condition for taking another course and is usually meant to prepare students for courses that follow.

  • Templeton

    The student center of L&C. The bon, the mailroom, computer  labs, and staff offices, along with ASLC  and many clubs and organizations, all have their office in Templeton.

  • Resident Advisor (RA)

    RAs are trained student advisors that live in residence halls and help develop the hall community through activity programming.

  • ASLC

    ASLC = Associated Students of Lewis & Clark, your student government. All students registered in the College of Arts & Science or Academic English Studies (AES) are members of the association upon payment of the student body fee.

  • Career Center

    Where students can go to get help with resumes, information about future careers, and more. Located in Templeton.

  • ISLC

    International Students of Lewis & Clark governing body.

  • Mossy Log

    The April Fool’s Day edition of the Pio Log.

  • Area Director (AD)

    An Area Director is a professional member of the Student Life staff who oversees each residential hall.

  • International Fair

    Occurring yearly on the first Saturday in March, this ISLC coordinated event introduces students, staff, and members of the Portland community to the many cultures and nationalities that are represented at Lewis & Clark.

  • Motto

    Explorare, Discere, Sociare (Translation: to explore, to learn, to work together).


    Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Required for each year that a student request financial assistance. Students must file a FAFSA form in order to receive aid.

  • Credit

    The basic unit in measuring college courses.

  • Academic Advisor

    A Faculty member who is available to answer your academic questions and is able to offer guidance about academic programs at L&C.

  • NSO

    New Student Orientation. NSO is held the week before the first day of classes for all new first year and transfer students.

  • Family Weekend

    Parents and families of current students are invited to campus to attend classes with their students, meet faculty and staff, and explore the college.

  • The Trailroom

    A place to grab a sandwich, fries, a burger, fruit, or other goodies. Located in Templeton and open at different hours than Fields.

With over 70% of our students living on campus, this residential campus bustles with 100 registered clubs and organizations. Students learn to lead in a variety of ways, by directing outdoor trips, by serving as resident advisors, and by running the Co-Op. Through student government, they learn to be student legislators and executives. And whether they join clubs that are large, small, old, new, religious, cultural or artistic, they will discover new avenues for growth and exploration.  

More than 350 student-athletes compete in 19 NCAA Division III sports programs offered at Lewis & Clark and a larger number participate in other recreational activities such as club and intramural sports.  

Student Life’s professional staff works with undergraduates in creating a vibrant, colorful, and at the same time supportive and nurturing environment. The Division’s services include psychological counseling, teaching cognitive skills, managing housing and residential life, and providing health care, alongside coordinating meaningful programs for diversity and inclusion, community service, recreation and physical education, and career development.

Student Life invites you to be informed, get involved, and stay connected!

Student Life Divisional Organizational Chart 

Student Life

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