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10/19/20: Message from Vice President Robin Holmes-Sullivan to Off-Campus Students

10/19/20: Flu vaccine clinic, Friday, October 23

10/16/20: Helpful information for students heading home; more detailed information will be available next week:
- The last day of in-person classes is November 20.
- A limited number of shuttles to the airport will be available for students November 20-21.
- The last day of food service for students who did not subscribe to the Meal Plan Addendum will be November 25.

10/16/20: Read the message from Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Robin Holmes-Sullivan about the latest COVID-19 testing results and related efforts.

10/12/20: Plans for Spring 2021 Semester

The Lewis & Clark campus will continue to be closed to visitors while Multnomah County is in phase 1 of reopening.

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