Meal Plan Options and Costs

updated 2/1/2022

Our food service provider, Bon Appétit, takes special care to offer students a wide variety of entree items (including vegetarian and vegan options) plus salad, dessert, and beverage bars. You can view the current weeks menu through their website as well as other helpful information.

The “board” portion of “room and board,” commonly referred to as the meal plan, is required of every residential student. You may choose from among several meal plans. Plans are based on the number of meals, either per week (14-19 plans) or per semester (block plans), and allows for one meal per meal period. Several plans also include flex points. More information about flex point below. 

Meal Plan Rates 2022-23 

Meal Plan Type

Semester Rate

Academic Year Rate

19 Meals



14 Meals



14 Meals with Flex (200)



100 Block with Flex (250)*



Flex Only (750)*



Flex Points

Flex points can be spent at any Bon Appétit location at Lewis and Clark. One Flex point equals $1 in value. Flex is value placed on your student ID card which you can use like a declining balance. Points carry over from semester to semester if you remain on a meal plan, however, at the end of the year, any remaining points are lost.

*Meal Plan Eligibility Rules 

Block meal plans are only offered to Junior, Senior, Graduate and Law students. Flex Only meals plans are only available to students who are living in the apartments on campus.

  • The 100 Block meal plan is offered to juniors and seniors residing on campus who have completed their two-year residency requirement.
    • The 100 Block meal plan with 250 flex points. So, students can have any 100 meals per semester at any time in Fields Dining Room or for a meal equivalency in the Trail Room or Maggie’s Cafe. Unused Block plan meals are lost at the end of a semester but unused flex points carry over from fall to spring semester provided you remain in campus housing.
  • The 19 Meal plan allows you to enter Fields Dining Room during any meal period.
  • The 14 Flex plan has 200 flex points to use throughout the semester.

***Please note that Bon Appétit no longer offers the 10 flex and 50 block meal plans.

Students living off-campus are eligible for any of the meal plans listed above. You may sign up for a meal plan by visiting the Campus Living Office or sending an email to Campus Living ( with your meal plan choice and student ID number.

Bon Appétit operates several dining facilities offering food services at Lewis & Clark:

For facility hours and weekly food menus, visit the Bon Appétit website.

Ryan Jensen
General Manager,
Bon Appétit at Lewis & Clark
(503) 768-7891