Gender Inclusive Housing

At Lewis & Clark College, gender-inclusive housing is available for all residential students. Campus Living welcomes students of all gender identities and strives to place students in the best housing arrangement based on their indicated needs and preferences.

All residence halls on campus are gender-inclusive with gender inclusive bathrooms with the exception of one single gender floor for men in Copeland, 2 single gender floors for women in Copeland, and one single gender floor for women in Spruce. 

In order to ensure our housing processes are equitable and inclusive for all residents, Campus Living will not automatically assign roommates based on sex assigned at birth. Students who apply to live on-campus will indicate their own gender identity and all gender identities⁺ they feel comfortable living with through our housing portal. Once housing applications are completed, Campus Living staff will work to ensure that students are paired with a suitable roommate.


Learn more about terminology related to gender inclusive housing.

*Any personal information Campus Living receives about students’ identities, including gender identity and pronouns, will stay within our office. Students may contact our office at any time to change their gender identity and/or their roommate gender preferences. Official gender identity and name changes with the College should be made with the Office of the Registrar.

⁺The gender identity options on our housing portal application are as follows: Man (cis), Man (trans), Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming, Woman (cis), Woman (trans). Campus Living recognizes that these options are limited and may not include the specific gender you identify with. As we work to develop and familiarize ourselves with our housing portal and processes, we do intend to include a more expansive list of gender identities.