Gender Inclusive Housing

Campus Living is committed to providing its students with the most comfortable living situation possible. For some students, Lewis & Clark’s male-male or female-female roommate pairing system is not the most comfortable option. Our housing practices afford Gender Inclusive Housing to students of alternative sexuality or gender identity, as well as their allies, and other students who would feel more comfortable and safe in a living environment other than the traditional roommate pairings.

Pioneered several years ago by students and staff, Lewis & Clark’s Gender Inclusive Housing policy is still evolving. Please read on to learn more about Gender Inclusive Housing and find out if it is right for you.

Gender Inclusive Housing FAQs

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

Gender Inclusive Housing is a housing system in which male and female students can choose to room together, rather than in the traditional male-male or female-female roommate pairings.  Gender Inclusive Housing exists to accommodate for the housing needs of students who do not identify as male or female.

Who is eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing?

Anyone is eligible to apply for Gender Inclusive Housing.  Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply for Gender Inclusive Housing?

Incoming students interested in Gender Inclusive Housing should contact Joe-Barry Gardner, the Interim Director of Campus Living, via email or phone within 2 weeks of the Residence Hall Contract deadline to express their interest. The Interim Director of Housing, or designee, will work with the incoming student to identify possible roommates and housing situations for the subsequent academic year. While the Office of Campus Living will make every reasonable effort to accommodate for a Gender Inclusive Housing request, we cannot guarantee it for all requesting students.

Continuing students interested in Gender Inclusive housing should fill out the Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement and submit it to the Office of Campus Living.

Which residence halls have Gender Inclusive Housing?

Any double room that is not on a Single Sex floor or has single sex restrooms, is eligible for Gender Inclusive.  Halls that may be requested for Gender Inclusive Housing include:  Akin, Odell, Forest, Holmes, Howard and Copeland.  Suites in Holmes and Hartzfeld are not eligible. 

Does Gender Inclusive Housing mean that I can cohabitate with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Gender Inclusive Housing is not intended for romantic cohabitation.

Where can I get more information about Gender Inclusive Housing?

Contact Joe-Barry Gardner, Interim Director of Campus Living, at

Or find out more about terminology related to Gender Inclusive Housing.