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Located at the heart of the undergraduate campus, Lewis & Clark’s Watzek Library is an ideal setting for research, study and collaboration. Serving undergraduate and graduate students, Watzek provides rich collections of print and electronic resources and friendly librarians to help students with their research projects. The Boley Law Library serves the Law School and is a center of legal information for the region.

Lewis & Clark’s libraries subscribe to thousands of electronic journals, books, research databases, primary sources and data sets that take research far beyond a Google search. But even if the article or book you need is not readily available, the libraries can get it for you fast.

Librarians work with students to help navigate an increasingly complex information universe. At Watzek, you can connect up with one by visiting the reference desk, setting up a consultation, or meeting one through an in-class instruction session.

Things to love about Watzek Library:
  • Open 24 hours Sunday-Thursday

  • Comfy furniture, serene views, and even a fireplace

  • Small library feeling with research library access via consortial collections and the Summit catalog

  • Exciting events like a rock concert and finals week study breaks featuring massages and dog therapy

  • Amazing Special Collections that include a medieval illuminated manuscript, early maps of Western exploration, the daily writings of poet laureate William Stafford, and much more

Visit the Watzek Library website to access Watzek Library collections and services.

Visit the Boley Law Library website to access Boley Library collections and services.

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    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    Watzek’s rad robot prints poems just for you.
    They are better than this one.

    PoemBot brought to you by Watzek Digital Initiatives and Sophia Horigan, ’16. New poems daily April 1-30.

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    Anna Lorton is serving as a Reference and Instruction Librarian for Dan Kelley as he is leading an overseas program in Australia this semester.  Click to learn
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    Today Watzek Library is launching the new and improved Senior Projects site. The site contains electronic theses and studio art capstone images submitted to Watzek Library over the past several years.
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    Watzek Library would like to thank research assistants Tawny Bright, Nathaniel Hamlett, Heather Schadt, and Naomi Goldman-Nagel for helping us staff the reference desk Sunday through Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm this semester.


April 4th, 2017

April 5th, 2017




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