Summer Housing

 Why Live On-Campus in Summer?

  • The campus is beautiful.
  • You get to live in the campus apartments in 4- and 2-bedroom units; all eligibility rules are waived for the summer.
  • Every summer resident gets a single room.
  • Summer rent is 25% less than during the academic year.
  • You can cook your meals or avail yourself to Bon Appétit’s venues including the Trail Room and meal service in Fields in the academic sector of campus.
  • You have a place to “hang-out” or take a nap between your classes.
  • Campus Living sponsored activities for residential students are scheduled regularly during the summer.
  • Campus facilities are open and readily available to summer residents, including the outdoor pool.



Summer Housing Information

Campus housing for the summer is available on a limited basis.  Priority for placement will go to LC undergraduate students enrolled in summer session.  Other LC undergraduate students who are working on campus, interning in Portland, or wish to stay during the summer may be housed on a space available basis. West Hall is the designated location for the summer, so space is extremely limited.  RAs will provide fun programs throughout the summer when summer school classes are offered.  The cost for Summer 2019 is estimated to be $185 per week to allow for a more flexible stay. Summer rent is billed in full at the beginning of the summer term and payment is expected as soon as charges are posted.

It is unlikely that we will be able to house those who only need temporary (1-2 weeks after the halls close in May) accommodation.  However, you may request short term accommodation here.  No specific room is guaranteed and you will be required to meet all of the check-out details on May 10 when the halls close. You will be required to consolidate to another area of the campus for this period of time.

To Apply for Summer Housing

When completing forms for summer housing at Lewis & Clark, please pay particular attention to the notation markings to be sure you are completing the correct forms. If you are unable to download and print these forms you may contact the Office of Campus Living to request they be sent to you by email or snail mail. The Summer Housing page has general information including the options available, pricing structure, check-in procedures etc. Then, download and complete the required forms and return them to the Office of Campus Living.  

Students should submit both a Housing Contract and a Roommate Preference Form to the Office of Campus Living in order to reserve summer housing.