Incoming Students

Updated 3/23/2023

Welcome to Campus Living at Lewis & Clark College!

How to Apply:

If you’ve been accepted to Lewis & Clark for the 2023-2024 academic year or deferred your admission from an earlier semester, you will complete the Housing Application on our housing portal between May 12 and June 18, 2023. In May, you will receive the New Student Checklist, which will include information about account creation, accessing the housing portal, and completing roommate and housing questionnaires. We hope to send you your official housing assignment in mid-July.

New Student Application Timeline for 2023-24

Residency Requirement and Exemptions for Incoming Students:

  • Incoming students who may be eligible to be exempted from the Residency Requirement should contact the Office of Admissions. After consulting with an admissions counselor, the student will be provided access (via their L&C Portal) to a form that must be submitted in order to officially request the exemption.
  • Students whose parent/guardian resides within 30 miles of campus and are planning to live at home will be granted an exemption, however it will likely impact any financial aid offer they have already received. In this case, students will be provided a REVISED financial aid offer shortly after their request is approved.
  • Students requesting any other exemption or accommodation regarding the residency requirement should also contact the Office of Admissions. Upon submission of the Exemption/Accommodation form, the Admissions office will forward that request to the appropriate office. Students are encouraged to check their email regularly so they can respond to any further requests that may be made by the Office of Campus Living or the Office of Student Accessibility.


For Incoming Transfer Students

If you are transferring in with 60 or more credits, you are eligible for the on-campus apartments. However, we typically fill the apartments with continuing students during the Spring. If you wish to live on campus whether or not you are placed in an apartment, you should complete a housing application on our housing portal and will be expected to rank the three residence halls (not apartments) you would prefer to live-in.

The list of items below will be of great help to you as you anticipate joining this vibrant community. Although there is much information here, please be sure to read carefully through all the items that apply to you. We also encourage you to review the Academic Calendar to assist in planning your travel to and from campus for the academic year.

Residence Handbook

Please take a moment to read through the LC Residential Handbook. The information included in Settling In include important information such as expectations for community living, check-in and check-out processes, food services, policies and procedures, and other residential services.

Plan Ahead and Mail Ahead

If you are planning to send any packages, i.e. bedding, clothes, room supplies, etc., to campus before your arrival on August 30th, 2023, then please follow the Package Shipment Information

Bed Modification Request

Due to COVID-19 we have paused all bed modifications unless there is an accessibility need on behalf of the student. We thank you for your understanding. If you have accessibility needs for a bed modification, please reach out to us at for an accommodation. 

Technology Help?

We all have technology questions! Be sure to review the IT Newsletter for Residential Students. You can also explore the Information Technology webpage to better familiarize yourself with the services they  provide.

Renting a Mini-Fridge with Collegiate Concepts

We also know that some students decide to have their personal mini-fridge in their living space. The issue arises at the end of the year when there is no place to store these fridges, resulting in students improperly disposing of the units. There are large negative environmental ramifications for disposing of these fridges in the dumpster. This is why we in Campus Living encourage students to rent a Micro-Fridge unit through our partners at Collegiate Concept. They will pick up and deliver directly to the student’s room which helps tremendously in reducing unnecessary waste. Please review this brief brochure and fill read the the rental agreement. You can place our order online at

Cover Your Belongings with GradGuard

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