Move-Out/Departure Dates for 2023-24

Academic Semester

Student Group

Move-Out Dates and Times

Fall 2023 Students not on-campus for winter break 12PM on Wednesday December 19, 2023
Spring 2024 Students not graduating 12PM on Friday May 3, 2024
Graduating Seniors 12pm on Sunday, May 5, 2024

Spring 2024 24-Hour Quiet Hours begin on Friday, April 26th at 10PM until Thursday, May 2nd at 10PM!

Spring 2024 Move Out Steps

You must follow the following steps:

  1. Update your mailing address
    • Instructions are listed below
  2. Sign up for a move-out appointment
    • Every residential area will have their own appointment system. Ask your RA or AD for your area’s sign up link.
    • Follow specific sign-up instructions provided by the Area Director for your building
    • Failure to sign-up and complete a check-out may result in charges
  3. Clean your room and remove all personal items before your inspection.
    • Details for cleaning your room are listed below.
  4. Complete the inspection with a Resident Advisor
  5. Exit your space, lock the door
  6. Return your key to the Odell Annex

Move Out Checklist

Coming Soon: Donations, Trash, Recycling, and Green Move Out

Staying on campus for summer?

  • If you have a Spring 2024 booking and sign up for Summer 2024 housing starting with week 1, you will remain in your spring assignment until the weekend of May 11th. On May 11th or 12th, you will be able to collect your summer assignment key, make your room move, and complete a vacate inspection.
  • You will not be able to use carts to move across campus - plan accordingly to get your belongings across campus.
  • If you are staying in your current assignment for summer, you are not required to check-out of your spring room.

Change Your Mailing Address

It is your responsibility to update your mailing address via Webadvisor before you vacate for the summer. To complete this:

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Click on Students, then on Emergency Contact Information.
  3. After entering the appropriate contact information, click Update/Verify to complete the entry.

Sign Up For a Room Inspection

  • SIGN UP for an inspection no later than TBD!
  • Sign Ups are area specific. Please contract your Area Director or RA for your inspection sign up link. 
    • Follow specific sign-up instructions provided by the Area Director for your building.
    • Failure to sign-up and complete a check-out may result in charges.
  • COMPLETE your room inspection with an RA.

Clean Your Room

  • Walls, doors, and ceilings should be free of dirt, grease, spots, finger marks and pen marks
  • Remove all decals, stickers, tape, tacks, nails, glue, etc. Do not spackle or patch holes
  • Windows should be cleaned on the inside only with window cleaner
  • Surface areas must be dusted and wiped down
  • Flatten all boxes before bringing them to the floor trash room
  • Clean all areas immediately outside of your room, such as chalkboards, and clear any personal belongings
  • Do not leave items in the hallway, lounge, kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells or other common areas
  • ALL items should be removed from bathroom
  • Hartzfeld Suite and Apartment bathrooms should also be cleaned of any buildup of soap scum, mold, mildew, etc.

Prepare For Your Inspection

  • Remove all of your personal items from the room
  • Clean all spaces in the room
    • Including Suite/Apartment Bathrooms and Apartment Kitchens
  • Remove all posters, tacks, and tape from the walls
  • Check for mail and packages prior to departing
  • Close your windows & blinds
  • Return furnishings to their original configuration. All original furnishings and accessories must be present.
  • Smoke detectors must be intact and in operating condition
  • All locks, lights, drawers, window pulls, etc. must be working
  • For items that need to be repaired fill out a work order prior to your room inspection

Avoiding Charges

The following at minimum will result in a charge to your housing account:

  • Not removing all personal belongings from space
  • Not following cleaning guidelines for move out
  • Not resetting furniture back to original setup
  • Not following proper checkout procedures
  • Not scheduling room inspection (by deadline or at all), late/unprepared for inspection, rescheduled inspection within 24 hours, did not checkout by deadline, did not complete inspection with Campus Living staff