Room Change Information

Updated 7/20/2022

With the 2023 spring semester renovation of Stewart-Odell temporarily decreasing housing availability, Campus Living will most likely only be able to accommodate room changes under very particular circumstances. One of those circumstances will be when residents would like to participate in a Room Swap.

Please review the Roommate/Apartment Agreement and Room Reassignment information:

Residents are expected to start having conversations and develop expectations on their living situation by going through and filling out a roommate or apartment agreement together. Roommate and Apartment Agreement Forms will be available and distributed by their Resident Advisor (RA). Residents are able to ask RAs to facilitate the conversation if they are stuck or are interested in a facilitator. We encourage residents to try talking to one another on their own.

At the start of the Fall semester, residents will sign up for a time to meet with their RA to go over their roommate/apartment agreement.


For Fall 2022 :

  • August 24th: Roommate and Apartment Agreements will be available for you and your roommates to fill out. They will be sent out by your RA.
    • You will only need to submit 1 Agreement per room.
  • September 9th: The Roommate or Apartment Agreement Form must be completed.
  • September 11th: All residents must have met with their RA to go over their roommate agreement by this date.
  • Room Swap Process will be open from September 26th through November 16th. We will not consider room swap requests before or after these dates.

Students interested in pursuing a room swap must complete the following steps in order to be considered. Campus Living cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.

  • The student interested in pursuing a room swap must meet with their roommate(s) and review their Roommate or Apartment Agreement and talk through any conflict that has arisen.
  • The student interested in making a room swap must meet with their RA to discuss the reasons for a room reassignment and the steps they have taken to discuss the living environment with their roommate(s).
  • The student must identify another resident who is willing to participate in a room swap. If a student cannot identify another resident, we will place them on a waitlist for a room reassignment.
    • Campus Living cannot guarantee placement off of the room reassignment waitlist but will work to identify an open bed space that meets the students roommate profile and gender identity preferences.
    • Campus Living will not share the name or contact information of potential roommates until an official reassignment has been made due to FERPA guidelines and student privacy concerns.
  • After discussing your roommate conflict with an RA, the RA will notify the Area Director (AD) of a potential room swap request. Students will be asked to meet with their AD to further discuss the nature of their request and steps that have been taken to resolve roommate conflicts or housing concerns.
  • If approved, the AD will notify the Campus Living Operations Coordinator for next steps with room swaps or room reassignment wait listing.
  • This process is also not for residents who are looking to change communities together as a room.

After November 16th, Campus Living will not consider any requests for a room swap or reassignment.

Room Swap guidelines may change in Spring 2023 dependent on our occupancy.

Approved for a room swap or reassignment?

Please follow these steps:

  • You will receive a Room Reassignment notification via email.
  • Students approved for a room change will be able to collect their new room key on Friday evenings. To collect your new key, call the RA on Call (503-768-8999) from 7pm-9pm. When selecting which hall’s RA you’re trying to contact, select the option for the hall you are moving into (i.e. if you are moving into Copeland, you will select the Copeland RA line).
  • You will have 72 hours to complete your move to new room space. You should already have swipe access to both your new and old building for the duration of your move period.
  • Fill out a Room Condition Report for your new room to report any damages or issues you may find in your room. Failure to do so will hold you responsible for any damages found in the room by the time you move out.
  • Your move should be completed by 7pm on Monday. All of your belongings should be out of your old space and you did some general cleaning. Once you have completed your move, you will need to do a walkthrough of your old room space by calling the RA On Duty (503-768-8999).
  • During this walkthrough, the RA will make sure that all of your belongings are out of the space and will record the condition of the room.
  • After completing a walkthrough, you will be asked to return your old key.


Questions? Please contact your Area Director.