Room Change Information

Updated 1/31/2022

Students interested in a mid-year room change must talk with their roommate(s) before engaging with the official room change process. We ask that students review their roommate agreements together and have a conversation about expectations for the room space. If this type of conversation between roommates requires a mediator, please contact your RA to assist in a roommate mediation. 

If an agreement between roommates is not possible, the next step is to engaging with a RA. After talking with roommates and reviewing roommate expectations, the RA will communicate room change needs to the resident’s Area Director. The Area Director will review the reasons for a room change and follow up with roommates if necessary. If the Area Director approves of the room change, the Area Director will notify the  Campus Living staff member who handles room occupancy and room changes. This staff member will work directly with the student approved for a room change on next steps and room move options moving forward.


Students granted a voluntary room change will be given 3 business days from the official assignment change email to make the move from their old room to their new room. Students will be granted swipe access to their new and old residence building for three days to make the move between spaces. Storage for personal items due to a voluntary room change will not be granted. 

Questions about a room change? Please start by emailing your RA or Area Director.