Room Change Information

Updated 2/13/2024

Campus Living’s ability to facilitate a room change is limited due to a high demand for on-campus housing, gender identity preferences, and roommate profile matching. Our office is able to facilitate mutual room swaps but all room members must agree to this swap. If you are interested in a room swap, please email Voluntary room change charges may apply. 


To move forward with a Room Change: 

  1. The resident seeking a room change will need to meet with their Resident Advisor (RA) or Area Director (AD) to discuss the nature of their room change needs. The resident interested in making a room change will be asked to discuss the reasons for a room reassignment and the steps they have taken to discuss the living environment with their roommate(s).
    1. Depending on the circumstance, the RA or AD may ask the student interested in pursuing a room swap/room change to meet with their roommate(s) and review their Roommate or Apartment Agreement and talk through any conflict that has arisen. This can be done with an RA present.
  2. If the result of conversations with the RA or AD is to move forward with a room change, this information will be passed along to the central Campus Living office, who will work on compiling a list of room change options.  
    • If the resident seeking a room change is aware of an open bed with a friend, they are welcome to request placement into this open bed space.  
    • Campus Living will offer open bed spaces that meets the resident’s roommate profile and gender identity preferences.
    • Campus Living will not share the name or contact information of potential roommates until an official reassignment has been made due to FERPA guidelines and student privacy concerns.
  3. The resident will receive an email with room change options and timelines for next steps. Once the resident confirms their desired room placement, the central office will work on the official room change placement and alert the student’s AD and RA of the room change. 
  4. Residents and the new roommate will receive emails with information about making the transition into this new room space. 

Approved for a room swap or reassignment?

Please follow these steps:

  • You will receive a Room Reassignment notification via email.
  • Students approved for a room change will be able to collect their new room key from the Odell Annex between 9am and 7pm. If you can’t collect your key during these hours, please send us an  email for after hour key collection coordination.
  • You will have 72 hours to complete your move to new room space. You should already have swipe access to both your new and old building for the duration of your move period.
  • All of your belongings should be out of your old space and you did some general cleaning. Once you have completed your move, you will need to do a walkthrough of your old room space by calling the RA On Call (503-768-8999) after 7pm on weekdays and after 12pm on weekends.
    • During this walkthrough, the RA will make sure that all of your belongings are out of the space and will record the condition of the room. You are responsible for any damages found in the room space. 
  • After your inspection, return your old room key to the Odell Annex. Failure to return your key can result in a rekey charge. Your ID card has 24/7 tap access into the Odell Annex. The key drop box can be found to the right of the door. 
  • Once we receive your key back, we will email you to confirm. You will be asked to fill out a room verification on the housing portal for your new room to report any damages or issues you may find in your room. Failure to do so will hold you responsible for any damages found in the room by the time you move out.

Questions? Please email