Stewart-Odell Residence Hall

Stewart and Odell are part of the three residence hall “cluster” SOA, which also includes Akin Hall. As a complex of buildings, residents of all three halls get together on a weekly basis for study breaks, hall events, and Waffle Wednesday throughout the academic year.

Odell Hall adjoins Stewart Hall on two levels, in a stairwell/hallway affectionately known as “The Split.” Stewart-Odell is designed to house up to 167 students, mostly in doubles, with seven singles and one triple. Residents enjoy the close proximity to the vibrant student life of Fowler Student Center and the short walk to and from classroom facilities

Stewart-Odell was renovated in 2023 to include heating and cooling, greater ADA accessibility features, new fire alarm systems as well as seismic structure upgrades. Each room has its own split type air conditioners to control the indoor air temperature. 

Stewart Hall

Stewart Hall houses students on two floors in double and single occupancy rooms (and 1 designated triple room). Rooms feature movable furniture and walk-in closets for non-ADA style rooms. ADA rooms do not feature walk-in closets and instead have armoires for storage. 

Stewart has a large community lounge for entertainment and a vast, grassy field where students gather to relax or play Frisbee.

Stewart Hall houses single semester residents (fall only or spring only). Stewart residents are often participants on Oversees and Off-Campus programs. As a result, Stewart is home to the Travel Lounge Living Learning Community. The Travel Lounge Living Learning Community is a bridge between a student’s experience participating in LC overseas programs and their experience on-campus.

Odell Hall 

Ruth Odell Hall houses students on two floors in double occupancy rooms. Rooms feature walk-in closets and moveable furniture. 

Odell’s central location, in close proximity to classroom buildings and Fowler Student Center, makes it extremely popular with returning students.

The Odell Annex

The 2023 renovation included the creation of the Odell Annex. This area features a new 800-square-foot Odell residential lounge and a 1,600-square-foot space that is home to select Student Life offices, including a new residential services desk where students can get support for all of their housing-related needs.

Take a look at a typical room layout for a DOUBLE occupancy room. You can download the page for a closer look but keep in mind, this is just a sample room. View a typical triple room set-up. Please note, this is just an example of one set-up type. Akin, Stewart and Odell rooms are all similar in size and layout to the ones above.