Stewart Residence Hall

Under renovation for spring 2023, Stewart Hall houses 90 people. Stewart features all double and single occupancy rooms with movable furniture as well as walk-in closets. 

Stewart Hall houses single semester residents (fall only or spring only). Stewart residents are often participants on Oversees and Off-Campus programs. As a result, Stewart is home to the Travel Lounge Living Learning Community. The Travel Lounge Living Learning Community is a bridge between a student’s experience participating in LC overseas programs and their experience on-campus.

The small size of the floors contributes to the friendly, caring atmosphere that develops among residents. Each floor has a cozy, comfortable lounge and kitchen. 

Stewart has a large community lounge for entertainment and a vast, grassy field where students gather to relax or play Frisbee.

Take a look at a typical room layout for a DOUBLE occupancy room. You can download the page for a closer look but keep in mind, this is just a sample room. View a typical triple room set-up. Please note, this is just an example of one set-up type. Akin, Stewart and Odell rooms are all similar in size and layout to the ones shown above.