Stewart Residence Hall

As the home to the Holistic Wellness Living-Learning Community, the mission of Stewart Hall is to provide a safe and supportive residential community which promotes health-conscious lifestyles and holistic decision-making. We seek to empower students as they work together to sustain a positive and caring environment that supports their emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and interpersonal development and prioritizes their well being.

If you are interested in living in Stewart, visit the Holistic Wellness LLC webpage for details and the application.

Stewart Hall houses 86 people on five floors. Stewart features all double and single occupancy rooms with movable furniture as well as walk-in closets.

The small size of the floors contributes to the friendly, caring atmosphere that develops among residents. Each floor has a cozy, comfortable lounge and kitchen. In the North Stewart community, there is a large mural that attracts students and provides a hub for studying and socialization.

Stewart has a large community lounge for entertainment and a vast, grassy field where students gather to relax or play Frisbee.

Take a look at a typical room layout for a DOUBLE occupancy room. You can download the page for a closer look but keep in mind, this is just a sample room. View a typical triple room set-up. Please note, this is just an example of one set-up type. Akin, Stewart and Odell rooms are all similar in size and layout to the ones shown above.