updated 10/6/2021

How is an LLC different than themed housing?

Living-Learning Communities, or LLCs, are a collaborative enterprise. Students, staff, and faculty from around campus develop on-going programming focused on integrating the academic and residential experiences. Theme housing is an opportunity for students with a common interest to live together.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Any Lewis & Clark undergraduate student is eligible to apply to live in an LLC!  Submit an application on the Campus Living Website, or contact for more information.

I’m interested in more than one LLC.  How does the process work if you apply to multiple LLCs?

Please fill out the LLC application for each community for which you want to be considered. Each application asks for you to rank your top priority.  Campus Living Staff review applications as they are received. New students are placed according to priority and space.  Continuing students will be notified of their application status, and can select their housing placement on Room Selection Day from communities where they have been accepted.

I currently live in an LLC.  Do I need to apply to live in the same community next year?

Please do!  Anyone wanting to live in an LLC during the coming academic year needs to apply on the Campus Living Website. 

I’m going abroad during the 2021-2022 year.  Am I still able to apply?

Please apply to live in the LLC the semester prior to when you would like to begin living there.

Are there any singles in the LLCs?  How do I indicate I want/need one?

Some of the LLCs do have single rooms, however this is a limited resource.  Please submit a “Single Room Request” Form to to express your interest in this option.

I’m not studying a language at Lewis & Clark, but I’m a native speaker.  Can I still live in the Global Village LLC?

In order to live in the Global Village LLC, you must be enrolled in a foreign languages course here.  So long as you are enrolled in a course, you are welcome to apply.

I heard LLC’s have additional fees.  Which ones have fees and are there scholarships?

You heard wrong!  There is no additional financial commitment necessary to live in an LLC.  There are some additional programmatic opportunities that may involve an additional financial commitment, however these are optional, and scholarships may be available.

What does an LLC offer me that I cannot get in a regular residence hall?

Increased contact with faculty and staff and on-going programmatic opportunities to integrate learning from in and out of the classroom are just two the reasons why LLCs are such a wonderful opportunity.

I don’t have a background in the LLC area in which I wish to apply, but I’m really excited to learn.  Am I eligible/how do I convey that on the application?

Enthusiastic curiosity goes a long way! LLCs are about people learning new things and sharing that process with others.

I know the LLCs have partnering departments.  Are there any partnering student groups?

The LLC Leadership Committees are looking to build relationships with all sorts of organizations to bring learning opportunities to the community.  Each LLC has a student coordinator and community council to help plan programming. If you are part of a student group and want to connect with an LLC, please contact the Assistant Director of Campus Living to discuss building a connection!

I love the arts, but it isn’t my area of study.  Can I still apply to VAPA?

Totally!  The Visual & Performing Arts LLC is all about connecting passions in the arts with our lives.  VAPA students don’t need to major in Arts in the classroom to be excited about it in and out of the classroom.

What opportunities exist for residents of LLCs to help plan activities and events for the community?

So many!  The LLC Student Coordinator or your RA are great first people to talk to about ideas that you have and how you want to contribute to this community. Or, consider joining the LLC Community Council. Details available from the Office of Campus Living.

There isn’t a spot on the LLC app to indicate a roommate preference.  Can I apply with a roommate?

You and your roommate are both welcome to apply to the LLC.  Continuing students can opt into a room together at Room Selection, and new students can indicate on their housing application that they would like to live with a specific person.

I don’t know who my roommate is yet.  If I find a roommate I really like who didn’t apply to my LLC, can they still be my roommate?

So long as they apply and are accepted to live in the LLC, this is definitely possible!

When will I find out if I got accepted into an LLC?

Continuing students will be notified before Room Selection at the beginning of April.  New students will find out when they receive their housing and roommate assignments in July.

Are LLC rooms assigned through the Room Selection process, or will I be automatically assigned?

Continuing students can select a room through the Room Selection process, and new students will be assigned in advance of their arrival.