Travel Lounge LLC

Travel Lounge

The Travel Lounge Living Learning Community is a bridge between a student’s experience participating in LC overseas programs and their experience on-campus. Residents of Travel Lounge will be engaged in programs and peer mentorship surrounding topics of culture and identity, with the ultimate goal of strengthening cross-cultural communication and self-reflection skills.

The Travel Lounge LLC will focus on:

  1. Pre-travel orientation
  2. Post-travel reflection
  3. Developing intercultural capacity to help students feel more prepared for cross-cultural experiences
  4. Connecting residents with others who will be traveling, who have traveled, and/or who are considering traveling to similar regions.

Whether students are preparing to study abroad or have recently returned from their overseas experience, Travel Lounge aims to create a space that encourages residents to reflect on the complicated and overlapping sense of personal identity, specifically when participating in a new cultural context.


Area Director: Hannah Machado

Location: Stewart & Odell Halls

Campus Partner: Office of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs