Travel Lounge LLC

This LLC and application is for continuing students only.

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Campus Living is partnering with the Office of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs to pilot a new, and uniquely Lewis & Clark, pre-travel Living Learning Community in Stewart and Odell for the Fall 2022 semester.

The Travel Lounge Living Learning Community will focus on:

  1. Pre-travel orientation
  2. Developing intercultural capacity to help students feel more prepared for cross-cultural experiences
  3. Connecting residents with others who will be traveling to similar regions

Residents of the Travel Lounge will be engaged on topics of culture and identity that help students to reflect on visible and invisible ways that we all have a complicated and overlapping sense of our personal identity when participating in a new cultural context.

Residents will be encouraged to research their intended host region and present to other LLC members. Research topics could include, but are not limited to: sports, culture, religion, politics, history, and possibly even cooking demonstrations.

Area Director: Brendan Brunner

Location: Stewart & Odell Halls

Campus Partner: Office of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs