Multicultural Engagement LLC

The Living-Learning Community Application for 22-23 is for both incoming students and continuing students.

The Multicultural Engagement Living Learning Community is a gathering place for community members to engage in on-going dialogue that explores the diversity of our many heritages, values, and identities. We collaborate to enrich our collective Lewis & Clark experiences as follows:

  • We promote intercultural understanding and celebration
  • We prioritize listening to underrepresented voices and perspectives
  • We partner with organizations within L&C and Portland with similar goals
  • We examine our roles in the co-creation of an inclusive accepting and pluralistic society

Learning Outcomes

As a result of living in the Multicultural Engagement LLC, students will:

  • explore multiple ways of being and knowing
  • be empowered to create changes they want to see in their communities
  • develop strategies to dialogue across difference
  • receive mentorship and dedicated programming by peer staff (RAs) who have a dedication to cultural competency and exploration

The Multicultural Engagement Living-Learning Community is cultivated through an on-going partnership with the Office of Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement and is housed in Akin Hall.

Area Director: Brendan Brunner

Campus Partner: Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement, Joann Zhang, Director