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The study of Greco-Roman antiquity at Lewis & Clark is interdisciplinary. An exciting aspect of our classics program is that students are not confined to a single academic discipline, and can choose courses on a wide variety of subjects, including art, history, literature, philosophy, politics, and religion. Although the cultures we study in classics flourished long ago, our courses bring ancient Greece and Rome to life. The core classics faculty has won several teaching awards, both national and regional. Our program is one of the few in the country that includes two Society for Classical Studies Excellence in Teaching award winners. All classics degrees include Classical Latin or ancient Greek, so students may study significant works from antiquity in their original language.

  • My classics and English professors are my mentors. They nurture my interest in the subjects, and they support me in developing my research and writing skills.

    Ashleen Smith BA ’23
    Madras, Oregon
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  • Throughout the last four years, my classes, professors, and experiences in the ENVS program have helped me learn how to address multiple sides of environmental issues and understand multiple viewpoints.

    Juliana Prendergast BA ’20
    Skaneateles, New York
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