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Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the biological, social and cultural construction of femininity, masculinity, sexuality and the ways we locate ourselves within gender systems. Interacting with factors such as race and class, gender structures the activities into which we enter in all aspects of life.
One of the highlights of the spring semester is the annual Gender Studies Symposium, organized by a committee of students, with support from faculty and staff. 

The Program Minor 

A minimum of 24 semester credits, distributed as follows:  

1) Gender Studies 200, 300, 440.
2) GEND 231 or another approved Gender Diversity course.
3) Eight additional semester credits selected from a list of approved electives.

At least 16 credits applied to the minor cannot be used for another minor or major program. In addition, at least four of the courses for the minor must be taken at Lewis & Clark.

Students interested in a Gender Studies Minor should contact the Director and/or one of the sponsoring faculty (a current list is available on the website). It is recommended that students plan early (by the end of the sophomore year) for this minor to ensure that they can schedule the required courses and the electives of their choosing.

Gender Studies

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