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When you join the German Studies program, you become part of a tight-knit community of teachers, students and scholars who are committed both to studying German language and culture and to celebrating the deep benefits of intercultural understanding. We believe that in encountering different cultures, languages, and ways of seeing, we learn to examine our own entrenched beliefs about ourselves, our communities, and our place in the world. Because we are a small program, our faculty devote individual attention to students both in and outside of the classroom. We hope you’ll join us!

Students can begin the German program at Lewis & Clark with no prior knowledge of the language and graduate with advanced fluency. Our courses cover a wide variety of topics, including Cold War culture, fairy tales, crime and justice, the environmentalist movement, and immigrant and refugee experience. Our year-long overseas program in Munich provides numerous opportunities for students to pursue coursework in a range of fields at Lewis & Clark’s own institute and the highly respected Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt.

Our graduates pursue careers in politics, teaching, journalism, diplomacy, international organizations, and many other exciting fields. Many of our students also return to Germany and Europe as Fulbright scholars or to pursue graduate degrees at one of Germany’s many (tuition-free) universities. 

  • One of my favorite classes has been American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties. It made me reexamine my thoughts on law and society, and the discussions challenged us to see existing prejudices and biases.

    Alex Scioscia BA ’21
    Alexandria, Virginia
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  • When I came to L&C, I wanted to foster my passion for world languages and become fluent in German. Another motivational factor was that the Munich overseas program is a full year. I knew that only a semester wouldn’t be long enough for me to truly experience another culture and properly integrate in the society.

    Vanja Pešić BA ’22
    Leskovac, Serbia
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  • My favorite class has been Key Monuments with Professor Benjamin David. He brought new and remarkable perspectives to Western art history. 10/10, would recommend!

    Lucia Sheridan BA ’23
    Saugatuck, Michigan
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