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Our program is a welcoming community of scholars, teachers, and students who are passionate about German language and culture and committed to the rich, lifelong benefits of cross-cultural exchange. We believe that in encountering different cultures, languages, and ways of seeing, we learn to examine our own entrenched beliefs about ourselves, our communities, and our place in the world. Studying literature and other cultural materials in a language other than our own teaches us to be flexible and open to different viewpoints, provides us with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of historical and contemporary events, and allows us to gain clarity with respect to our own views and experiences. Our faculty devote individual attention to students both in and outside the classroom. Join us!

  • My decision to double major in German studies and art history was easy. Both departments’ professors showcase their love of the subject so well that it made me want to follow them and learn more.

    Jack Hanning BA ’21
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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  • My favorite class is Cold War Culture with Associate Professor Therese Augst. The class has allowed me to tap into both my knowledge of international affairs and German studies to evaluate what happened during this crucial period of history. I look forward to every class as I know that I will leave enriched from the engaging lectures and discussions.

    Tiffani Wong BA ’22
    San Francisco, California
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  • One of my favorite classes has been American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties with Professor Todd Lochner. The class made me reexamine my thought process on law and society, and the discussions challenged all of us to see existing prejudices and biases.

    Alex Scioscia BA ’21
    Alexandria, Virginia
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