BA/JD Dual Degree (3-3)

On the Accelerated BA/JD Dual-Degree Program, commonly referred to as the “3-3 Law Program,” you can complete a BA and a JD in six years rather than seven.

3-3 students complete both general education and major requirements in three years at Lewis & Clark’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) before entering the law school to begin three years of work towards the JD. The CAS accepts the first year of coursework from Lewis & Clark Law School as credit back towards the BA, which is awarded at the end of your first year of law school.

3-3 Program Requirements

Here is what you need to do in order to be able to enter the law school after three rather than four years:

  • By the end of your first year at the CAS
    • officially declare both your major and your intent to pursue the 3-3.
  • During your third year at the CAS
    • take the LSAT no later than January,
    • successfully apply to the Lewis & CLark Law School (see requirements, below).
  • By the end of your third year at the CAS
    • complete all general education requirements,
    • complete all major requirements,
    • complete a minimum of 95 credits. (If you carry a standard load, you will complete 32 credits a year, or 96 over three years.)
  • In your final semester at the CAS
    • complete all necessary 3-3 paperwork, including a leave of absence form and graduation application. 
Lewis & Clark Law School Admission Requirements

Lewis & Clark Law School guarantees admission to CAS 3-3 students who fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Successfully complete the requirements for the 3-year CAS portion of the 3-3 BA/JD dual-degree program 
  • Earn a minimum CAS GPA of 3.5 
  • Achieve a Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score that is no lower than the median LSAT score for the prior year’s entering class at the Lewis & Clark Law School 
  • Complete all required law school application materials, including compliance with all other law school admission requirements, by March 15 of the calendar year in which the applicant would begin law school. Law school admission details.
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing at the CAS
  • Meet the standards for the Character and Fitness portion of the application  

3-3 Law students who do not meet the minimum GPA or LSAT scores listed here are still eligible to apply for admission to the Law School under the 3-3 program, but acceptance is not guaranteed. In such cases, students may be better off waiting a year and using that time to improve their grades or scores before applying to the law school under its regular admission program.

Things to Consider
  • If you wish to pursue the 3-3, you will need to plan well in advance in order to be able to complete all the requirements in a timely manner. You must declare your participation in the 3-3 no later than the end of your first year, but waiting even this long to make a 3-year plan may limit your choices in terms of which majors are possible. 
  • For some majors with heavy course loads (e.g., World Languages as well as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), the 3-3 is possible only if you enter with significant advanced placement credit. 
  • Participating in the 3-3 will place some limitations on your experiences at Lewis & Clark. In order to complete all of your general education and major requirements in 3 years, you will in most cases not have time to participate in an overseas or off-campus program, change your major mid-course, explore various majors before choosing one, or take many CAS electives. 
Change in Plans
  • If you choose this program and change your mind before enrolling in the law school, you are still welcome to complete your BA (128 credits) at the CAS. 
  • If you enroll at the law school under the 3-3 program but do not complete the first year of coursework there (1L), you may transfer any credits you have completed at the law school and return to the CAS to complete any remaining credits toward the 128 required for the BA. 
  • If you enroll at the law school under the 3-3 program and complete the 1L year (at least 32 credits) but not the JD, you will receive your BA but not the JD. 
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