Academic Awards & Fellowships

The Academic Awards & Fellowships Office at Lewis & Clark College provides advising to students who seek to learn about and apply for national grants and awards for international exchange, professional placement, and graduate study. Additionally, the office offers support to faculty as they guide students in these endeavors.  

Who can apply? 

Candidacy for these awards requires excellent academic performance as well as demonstrated engagement on campus and in the broader community, whether through service, leadership, athletics, or the arts.  Additionally, some awards recognize students’ commitment to a particular field of study or professional interest.

When do students apply?

While LC students may not be eligible or strongly qualified to apply for these awards until their senior year or after graduation, some awards recognize students earlier in their college careers.  Additionally, students may find that learning about these opportunities as first-year students, sophomores, and juniors offers a way to add structure and purpose to their college experience.

Why should students apply? 

Applying for awards gives students a way to engage in a valuable process of learning about themselves and developing goals for life beyond Lewis & Clark. Additionally, these external awards can bring prestige and opportunity to the applicant as well as recognition to the college and its faculty.

How do students apply? 

Consult our “Awards Database” for further information and deadlines.  Note that these competitive grants sometimes require Lewis & Clark to nominate students as part of the application process, and the College is sometimes limited in the number of nominees it can forward. For those fellowships, you will notice that the application requires an internal deadline. Your complete application, including faculty references, will allow you to compete to represent the College in the broader, national competition—and also give you the benefit of the advice of members of advisors who have been appointed to help students with their applications.

For all fellowships, making an early start and seeking the help of advisors can ensure a competitive application.

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For more information about Academic Awards & Fellowships, please contact:

Dr. Karen Gross
Professor of English
Lewis & Clark College
615 S Palatine Hill Road, MSC 58
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503.768.7406

For additional help, you can contact:

Margaret Salstrom
Administrative Specialist
Office of the Dean
Lewis & Clark College
615 S Palatine Hill Road, MSC 47
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503.768.7100


Some fellowships have faculty representatives at LC: Click here to see a list of additional people who can help to guide you through the process.                   

Other External Funding

The awards in our list are among the most prestigious and well-funded external awards and fellowships. At the same time, undergraduates seeking to supplement their financial aid awards should also consider applying for additional external funding, granted all over the country by a dizzying array of local and philanthropic organizations. Dollar amounts are sometimes small, but a systematic campaign by a persistent applicant can make a difference.

Financial Aid

Student Financial Services is the office that handles most of the College’s internal financial aid. It is by far the biggest and most significant source of assistance for undergraduates at the College. The Music Department also has a small scholarship program that is administered as well.