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The Department of Biology at Lewis & Clark is an innovative and comprehensive program that emphasizes original research and critical thinking.

We offer three core courses that delve deep into essential aspects of the complex science of modern biology: Investigations in Ecology and Environmental Science, Investigations in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology, and Investigations in Cell and Molecular Biology. Information about these courses can be found in the catalog

Because research is central to biological science, we make it a key part of the student experience, immersing students in the process of discovery starting with their first course in biology.  In their courses, students develop the skills of logical problem-solving and rigorous methodology that characterize scientific investigation.  Most courses involve students conducting original research.  Outside of class, many Biology students take on independent research projects; others collaborate with faculty, often co-authoring research publications and presentations for regional and national meetings.

With access to research internship opportunities, state-of-the-art equipment, and engaged and accessible faculty, Lewis & Clark student biologists formulate challenging new questions about the living world and design ways to answer them. They develop the skills to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their own work and the work of others, and understand the connections between different levels of biological organization. Perhaps most importantly, our students develop a lifelong enthusiasm for biology.