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As a Lewis & Clark biology major, you will do biology: you will generate hypotheses, design studies, collect data in the lab and the field, analyze and interpret them, and communicate your findings through talks, posters, and papers. We think this is the best possible training for a career in biology and the best way to become a scientifically literate citizen. Our curriculum embraces all of biology, from molecules to ecosystems, and draws on other fields, like chemistry, mathematics, and psychology. Students and faculty work together, both inside and outside of class. You will learn to write grants, read scientific literature critically, reason quantitatively, and work in teams. Diverse natural environments provide abundant opportunities for fieldwork. You will have access to cutting-edge tools in microscopy, physiology, computational biology, and molecular biology. Those interested in health careers benefit from our proximity to Oregon Health and Science University.

  • I immediately felt welcomed into such a loving and caring community.

    Saheli Singh BA ’22
    Pomona, California
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  • I appreciate the liberal arts approach to education since I never feel limited in the kinds of knowledge I seek out.

    Salma Bashir BA ’21
    Portland, Oregon
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  • Studying abroad in a place as unique as Tanzania provided me with memories for a lifetime. Can you say that you saw a wild rhino on foot? Or that there was a lion prowling around your campsite at 6 in the morning? I not only experienced this, but also a radically different point of view of the world.

    Ben Sherer BA ’21
    Portland, Oregon
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