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We provide a wide variety of music performance and academic courses that are open to music majors, music minors, or simply music lovers. Our faculty are distinguished performers, composers, and musicologists who provide rich and rigorous coursework for all students at Lewis & Clark, from professionally oriented students preparing for careers in music to dedicated nonmajors who want to continue their musical studies. We foster a collaborative sense of community that makes our students refer to the music department as a family. Our aim is to prepare students for further musical study, careers in music, and global citizenry. We take pride in our ability to offer all our students the opportunity for an outstanding musical education full of growth and joy.

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  • To me, the liberal arts stand for the principle that not all learning needs to be instrumentalized, and this is a privilege that I wish more people had.
    David Salkowski 2014
    Music | Russian studies | Charleston, South Carolina
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  • Everything I did at L&C prepared me for what I’m up to now, at least in terms of a career.

    Marianna Ritchey 1999
    Music history | Telluride, Colorado
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  • Lewis & Clark opened doors for me and helped me get a foothold in the Portland music scene.

    Coco Bender 2016
    Piano performance | Eugene, Oregon
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