Preprofessional Programs

The liberal arts education you’ll receive from Lewis & Clark College is an ideal background for any professional career. You’ll learn to be an innovative thinker, creative problem solver, and thoughtful leader—traits that are invaluable in our knowledge-based economy.

If you already have a career in mind, we also provide preparation in several professional fields so you can get started on your path. While not majors, these offerings allow you to focus in your area of interest as you develop a wide range of skills through all of your courses. Faculty are available to advise students interested in these fields:

Engineering (3-2 dual-bachelor’s degrees with partner schools)

Stephen Tufte, associate professor of physics

Law (3-3 BA/JD with L&C Law School)

Andrea Hibbard, associate professor of English

Health Professions

Carolyn L. Zook, associate director, Center for Community and Global Health

Education (4-1 BA/MAT with L&C Graduate School)

Cari Zall, secondary social studies content coordinator and instructor, teacher education secondary program director

Business and Management (4-2 BA/MBA with partner schools)

Chrys Hutchings, associate director Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership