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We are a community of artists, scholars, choreographers, designers, technicians, writers, and critics. Our goal is to nurture artist-scholars who are well read in dramatic literature, who understand the social and historical contexts of that literature, who appreciate contemporary performance and dance, who think critically, and who translate this knowledge into compelling artistic choices on stage. Fir Acres Theatre hums with activity and creativity from the first morning classes to rehearsals late into the evening. From department mainstage productions to dance concerts to student-driven festivals, our students have many opportunities to create performance and put theory into practice.

The Lewis & Clark Theatre Department production program is dedicated to nurturing a diverse and inclusive artistic and scholarly community. The selection of plays for our season our productions include new works, as well as notable contemporary, modern, and classical plays. The Department is committed to choosing material that represents the diversity of our community. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the program from production to performance, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status, or ability. All plays we produce are open to all members of the Lewis & Clark community and we practice a nontraditional, identity-concious casting policy, which takes into consideration the role of race, ethnicity, gender and class in the stories that we tell.

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Students performing in The Arsonists.


Explore all of our conservatory-caliber fine arts offerings and the ways you can enhance your artistic passions, no matter your major.

  • My favorite thing about living in Portland is the friendliness and acceptance of the community. Every time I go downtown, I’m reminded of how nice and welcoming people can be, from the smiles and hellos on TriMet to food cart owners remembering my face and asking me about life. 

    Malavika Arun BA ’19
    Psychology, Theatre (double) | Palakkad, Kerala, India
    More about Malavika
  • Creative writing has always been a source of joy in my life. Both of my majors (theatre and English) are based in stories, so learning how to write a good story will contribute well to the academic disciplines I’m invested in.

    Niels Truman BA ’22
    Theatre and English (double) | Aurora, Oregon
    More about Niels
  • I landed the role of the Emcee for our hybrid production of Cabaret, our first-ever musical done in two theatre spaces (in order to adhere to COVID capacity guidelines) and sung completely in plexiglass boxes . . . I was lucky enough to be in an ingeniously designed “cage” on wheels!

    Ezri Reyes BA ’22
    Theatre (performance) | San Jose, California
    More about Ezri

Theatre Events

December 3

Dance Extravaganza 2022


December 3

Dance Extravaganza 2022


December 4

DRAG: A Fabulous Workshop!

Join two of Portland’s most beloved gender rebels for an evening of drag, dance, and entertainment where YOU participate in the magic. This special one-of-a-kind workshop combines a lecture about Portland’s drag history and theory, a scintillating all-levels dance warm-up, and performances by Pepper and Isaiah and culminates in a group drag number where everyone gets to shine.

PLUS!  Come get fabulous with LC’s drag club, Gagged! We will be getting ready together before the drag event. Let’s do our make-up, swap boas, hang out, and build community! Sunday 5:30-7:30 Theatre Classroom.

December 9

SPEAKEASIES - presented by PAUSE

Join the board of PAUSE for an evening of monologues, songs, music and poetry.

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