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We study meaning-making and meaning-sharing through rhetoric and media. Our goal is to provide you with effective theoretical and methodological tools for understanding how public messages, images, texts, stories, conversations, and symbols work. Ours is one of the first programs in the country to offer a major that integrates training in film/television studies with training in media and rhetorical analysis. As an RHMS major you will join an inclusive community that works collaboratively on a challenging curriculum, innovative research, and on applying the things we learn across campus and beyond. RHMS students intern and volunteer in Portland, take their skills into campus activities, and showcase their work at regional and national conferences and festivals.

  • One of the most valuable things about L&C is that it gives you the freedom to run with opportunities.

    Julia McPherson BA ’19
    Wilmington, North Carolina and Portland, Oregon
    More about Julia
  • The most important thing I learned at Lewis & Clark is that relationships are the key to success. I experienced a lot of ups and downs during my four years, but there is nothing more valuable than relationship building.

    Kyle Owens BA ’19
    Los Altos, California
    More about Kyle
  • It’s very hard to choose a favorite class, but I think mine is Argument and Social Justice taught by Professor Mitch Reyes.

    DJ Smith BA ’23
    Las Vegas, Nevada
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