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The Lewis & Clark chemistry faculty believe that learning to generate hypotheses, design experiments, collect data, and communicate results best prepares students for future endeavors, whether that is work in a laboratory, classroom, medical practice, or business. Thus, we are committed to providing research opportunities within the curriculum as well as outside, under the supervision of faculty mentors. The college’s location, close to Oregon Health and Science University, Nike, and Intel, facilitates collaborations, internships, and employment for chemistry majors.

  • One of my favorite classes was Gender and Sexuality in the U.S. It really opened my mind, made me challenge views that I’ve always had growing up, and helped me find and understand my identity.

    Selina Ibarra BA ’19
    Chemistry | Montclair, California
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  • Lewis & Clark has layered more and more lenses for me to look at the world through.

    Morgan Bashore BA ’22
    Chemistry | Mathematics | Cathlamet, Washington
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  • Lewis & Clark has given me a space where I can discover who I am and who I want to be without worrying about what everyone else might think.

    Dakota Kennedy BA ’19
    Chemistry | Monument, Colorado
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