An undergraduate degree from Lewis & Clark is excellent preparation for those looking ahead to law school. The skills we teach all our students—critical and creative thinking, analytical reasoning, and persuasive communication—are the skills you’ll need to succeed during law school and throughout your career.

Recent graduates of Lewis & Clark College have pursued legal education at Lewis & Clark’s own nationally recognized law school as well as at institutions such as Duke, the University of California at Berkeley, Boston College, Emory, Cornell, Georgetown, Harvard, and Tulane. 


Law school graduates pursue a variety of careers, including jobs in law, business, government, and politics. Because of this, law schools do not require, and we do not prescribe, a single course of prelaw study. In fact, students have gone to law school after majoring in almost every field at Lewis & Clark—from Art, Biology, and Environmental Studies to Sociology/Anthropology and Theatre. No matter what your major, we recommend courses that cultivate analytical and writing skills as preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and subsequent work in law school. You can find these courses in many departments, including but not limited to English, History, Philosophy, and Political Science.

For information about how to tailor your LC education to your interest in the law, contact our prelaw advisor:

Outside the Classroom

Students interested in law school participate in a wide variety of cocurricular programs at Lewis & Clark, including

Lewis & Clark Law School 

If L&C is right for you as an undergrad, then our law school may be a logical next choice, especially if you are interested in law and the environment. Our environmental law program is ranked first in the nation. 

LC undergraduates who go on to pursue a degree at Lewis & Clark Law enjoy significant advantages:

  • LC Law offers guaranteed admission to LC undergraduates who meet certain requirements, including minimum GPA and LSAT scores.
  • The standard length of study from the first year of a BA through a JD is seven years. Highly motivated students can complete both a BA from LC’s College of Arts and Sciences and a JD from LC Law in just six years through our accelerated 3-3 program. Students interested in this program need to plan their coursework carefully, and should consult with their advisor the summer before they arrive on campus.
  • Students who want graduate-level education in law but do not want to become lawyers can enroll in our BA/MSL Dual-Degree Environmental Legal Studies Program—commonly referred to as the 3-1 Program. Graduates earn a BA and a Masters of Studies in Law (MSL) in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law in four years rather than five. Like the 3-3, the 3-1 requires careful planning.
After Law School

Here is what some LC graduates are doing with their JDs and MSLs:

Emma Bruden JD ’16: public interest environmental lawyer with a focus on forest law at Kampmeier & Knutsen in Portland, Oregon Camey Fowler JD ’17: assistant general counsel at Opal Labs, which makes marketing and communications software tools

Jonny Gersten JD ’19: staff attorney at Youth, Rights & Justice, an organization working to “make Oregon a better place for children and families.”

Ellen Gilmer MSL ’14: legal editor and reporter at E&E News in Washington, D.C.

Morgan Gratz-Weiser MSL ’16: legislative director of the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC)

Dayna Jones JD ’18: defense attorney for the Mescalero Apache Tribe

Kimberly Kosa MSL ’17: development director at Wild Salmon Center in Portland, Oregon

Christian Moak JD ’18: litigation attorney at Immix Law, a Certified B Corporation committed to sustainability, transparency, and accountability

Dexter Pearce BA ’13, JD ’16 Duke University associate in labor and employment law at Stoel Rives in Portland, Oregon.

Licia Sahagun MSL ’17: executive director of Wild Whatcom in Bellingham, Washington

Brennan Wortmann BA ’15, JD ’19 Georgetown University: Judicial Law Clerk at Superior Court of the District of Columbia