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As a Lewis & Clark College physics major, you will master the fundamental principles that govern the behavior of the universe. Your life will be enriched by the amazing concepts and valuable skills that you will learn. Moreover, you will be trained for a successful career in physics or engineering, or in another field that requires creativity, logic, and commitment. The Lewis & Clark College physics major is thorough, rigorous, and diverse. The physics department teaches key foundation material in theoretical, computational, and experimental physics as well as a broad spectrum of mathematical approaches. In addition, our students pursue creative, individual projects that are aligned with their personal interests and engage in cutting-edge, faculty-supervised scientific research during the school year and summer. Physics majors also benefit from access to well-equipped and well-managed machine and electronics shops and to a research astronomical telescope.

  • At Lewis & Clark, I learned that I wanted to use my knowledge to build things, so I thought about a path toward engineering. I also thought that having a strong physics background would be invaluable. Now that I’m in graduate school for robotics engineering, I can say this hypothesis was correct.

    Ben Kolligs BA ’18
    Physics | Mathematics | Berkeley, California
    More about Ben
  • Multivariable Calculus has been my favorite course because it challenged me to think about math visually.

    Sean Richardson BA ’20
    Computer Science and Mathematics, Physics (double) | Portland, Oregon
    More about Sean
  • Women on this campus succeed and are provided the platform to excel alongside the men on campus.

    Beija Flor BA ’18
    Physics and Studio Art (double) | Seattle, Washington
    More about Beija

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