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Business School/MBA Opportunities

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur or plan to run a Fortune 500 company one day, Lewis & Clark College can help prepare you for a career in business. The global knowledge economy demands exactly the kinds of skills we provide: critical and creative thinking, analytical reasoning, global literacy, and the ability to collaborate across specialties.

“At Lewis & Clark I learned to find the edges on issues: Where is the break point? What is the limit? What are the critical factors? Lewis & Clark also helped me develop the necessary communication skills to collaborate effectively on solving problems.”Kevin Shields ’89Microsoft

The powerful skills you acquire here will allow you to create your own future. You will gain the intellectual depth and flexibility not just to adapt to changes, but also to foresee and shape change.

Lewis & Clark offers management courses in finance and fiscal policy, so you’ll develop technical knowledge in addition to the broad skills you’ll get from a liberal arts education. And if you see an M.B.A. in your future, Lewis & Clark offers a program that will help you gain a competitive edge in the application process.

Entrepreneurship Center

Our entrepreneurship program is the home of two major initiatives. Our venture competition is an opportunity for teams of students looking to start or further develop an innovative business or nonprofit enterprise to win funding for their venture. Students who are accepted into the program have the opportunity to work with mentors to develop a business plan, practice pitching their idea, and learn skills necessary to develop and launch their ventures.

Our second program is an intensive weeklong seminar held over winter break for those looking to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurship: A Life of Innovation helps students learn the skills of entrepreneurs: creativity, developing and pitching ideas, taking advantage of opportunities, and making things happen.

Early Leaders Award Program: Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester

Regardless of your major, if you are a Lewis & Clark College student who is mature, academically strong, and interested in earning an M.B.A. degree after receiving your Lewis & Clark B.A., you have a special opportunity. Through an agreement with the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, Lewis & Clark can nominate up to five candidates per year to the Simon School’s Early Leaders Award Program. As a Lewis & Clark nominee, your application fees are waived, and, if accepted, you receive a minimum $5,000 per year merit-based scholarship. Students are encouraged to apply by the end of their junior year, in part so that pre-M.B.A. internships for accepted students can be provided.

For more information, contact Professor Cliff Bekar, Professor Harry Schleef, or Associate Director of Community and Career Connections Adonica De Vault.