Business School/MBA Opportunities

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur, want to learn the skill set to make social and systemic changes, or plan to run a Fortune 500 company one day, Lewis & Clark College can help prepare you for any career where collaboration, numbers, and execution matter. The global knowledge economy demands exactly the kinds of skills we provide: Critical and creative thinking, analytical reasoning, global literacy, and the ability to collaborate across specialties. 

Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The Bates Center offers a wide range of courses to students interested in developing the skills necessary to start/market a business or create change at any level. Students collaborate with staff, alumni and professional mentors to brainstorm, collaborate, design, pitch, and market their ideas. Faculty members from across campus teach their academic discipline from an entrepreneurial perspective. Examples of such courses include Design Thinking and Technologies of the Future.

For those looking to develop their entrepreneurial mindset in an intense, weeklong set of workshops, innovation, and networking, Winterim helps students learn the skills of entrepreneurs that they can apply to their life and career: Creativity in developing and pitching ideas, and taking advantage of opportunities to make things happen.

Students presenting at the 2020 Winterim pitch competition.

The powerful skills you acquire here will allow you to create your own future. You will gain the intellectual depth and flexibility not just to adapt to changes, but also to foresee and shape change.

Lewis & Clark offers courses in entrepreneurship, finance, leadership, and marketing so you’ll develop technical knowledge in addition to the broad skills you’ll receive from a liberal arts education. And if you see an MBA in your future, Lewis & Clark’s program will help you gain a competitive edge in the application process. Further, alumni on our Advisory Board have MBAs (from Stanford, Harvard, etc.) and would be happy to talk with you.

Lewis & Clark and Portland State Pathway Program

Students majoring in Economics can take advantage of a partnership with Portland State University, which offers an accelerated track to earn a Master of Science in Finance (MSF). This program allows students to begin the application process in their junior year, and provides waivers for both the application fee and the GMAT/GRE requirement. The program includes robust job placement services; many of Portland State’s MSF students go on to work at globally-focused organizations, presenting an excellent opportunity for graduates to apply the critical-thinking skills and global literacy they develop at Lewis & Clark to their careers.

Early Leaders Award Program: Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester

Regardless of your major, if you are a Lewis & Clark College student who is mature, academically strong, and interested in earning an MBA degree after receiving your Lewis & Clark BA, you have a special opportunity. Through an agreement with the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, Lewis & Clark students receive priority consideration for admission to the full-time MBA program

As a Lewis & Clark nominee, your application fees are waived, and, if accepted, you receive a minimum $10,000 per year merit-based scholarship. Students are encouraged to apply by the end of their junior year, in part so that pre-MBA internships for accepted students can be provided.

For more information contact Brian Detweiler-Bedell, director John E. and Susan S. Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Chair and Professor of Psychology