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The ethnic studies minor is one of the most versatile programs at Lewis & Clark. You will make the minor your own. You will examine the social, cultural, and historical forces that have shaped racial and ethnic identity in the United States and around the world. In order to grapple with the construction of categories of race and ethnicity, we focus on five themes: diaspora, colonialism, slavery, genocide, and community formation. You will explore these and related topics from a variety of perspectives, always conscious of how they intersect with gender, sexuality, class, and nation.

  • My favorite and most challenging class has been Emerging Topics in Environmental Law with Adjunct Professor Karen Russell. We dove into the history of environmental law in the U.S., and the landmark cases and pieces of legislation that inform the environmental field today.

    Annabelle Rousseau BA ’23
    Environmental Studies | English | Modesto, California
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  • Working with IME as a peer education coordinator has taught me so many skills, including public speaking and networking with faculty and students. IME has also given me a community that surrounds me with love and support.

    Sabrina Murray BA ’21
    Sociology and Anthropology | University Place, Washington
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  • My favorite spot to study on campus is the third floor of Miller because I can see my Hispanic studies professors and soak up the sunlight that hits from the window.

    Azucena Morales Santos BA ’24
    Hispanic Studies, Sociology and Anthropology (double) | Hillsboro Oregon, but my roots are from Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
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