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French Studies

Bonjour!  Voulez-vous étudier en France ou dans un pays francophone?  Then consider majoring in French Studies, which will immerse you in one of the world’s most influential languages.

Spoken by more than 230 million people, it’s an official language of diplomacy for many international organizations, including the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, and the Red Cross. A strong knowledge of French language and culture is an asset to students seeking post-grad careers in education, diplomacy, international business, finance, economics, art and more.

As part of the Department of World Languages and Literatures, the French program offers a major and a minor in French Studies and students may also choose French as a primary or a secondary language in the World Languages major.  Classes are small, focused, and taught by expert faculty; topics range from French composition and conversation, to major periods in French literature, to examinations of French society during various historical periods.

In addition to work in the classroom, we place great emphasis on studying abroad; all majors are required to study in one of Lewis & Clark’s programs in France - Strasbourg or Paris.

Our program is ideal for all students interested in the French language and culture, whether new to the French language, or more experience in it.

À bientôt de vous connaître! 

French Studies

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    French Studies

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