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French studies offers an exploration of the language, literatures, and cultures of the French-speaking world, which stretches from Canada to the Caribbean and from Morocco to Madagascar. Our goal is to help students learn about the literary traditions of the francophone world, encourage you to consider the relationship of literature to the world, and become active and critical readers and thinkers. In addition to our expertise in French literature from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, our faculty is deeply committed to excellent teaching and mentoring at all levels of our French language courses.

  • I really like how many departments in the school incorporate international perspectives in symposiums and other activities on campus.

    Mamelang Memela BA ’20
    Johannesburg, South Africa
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  • One piece of advice I received as a first-year student was to take a class on a topic that I didn’t know much about. I decided to take the introductory international affairs class, which was a field that I knew next to nothing about. I decided to become an IA major when I participated in and won my first college debate in that class!

    Annika Bateman BA ’22
    Dunkirk, Maryland
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  • In each class every semester, your confidence as a student is nurtured and strengthened. This is unique to L&C.

    Mila Wolpert BA ’19
    Santa Monica, California
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