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Philosophy has been defined as the love of wisdom; the search for truth through reasoning; and a discipline that comprises metaphysics, logic, ethics, epistemology, and aesthetics. Our department at Lewis & Clark believes such definitions have their purpose—but the only way to truly understand philosophy is to engage in the study and practice of philosophical inquiry. You will investigate the definitions above, and many others as well. Professors cover the ideas of ancient philosophers (such as Plato and Aristotle), modern philosophers (Descartes and Kant), 20th-century thinkers (Heidegger and Quine), and recent theorists (Foucault and Lewis). Topics include ancient philosophy, 19th-century philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and the philosophies of religion, science, and law. We invite you to consider some of the questions being discussed in our courses:

  • How and to what extent are race and gender socially constructed?
  • How does race, gender, and class affect who is a scientist and scientific claims?
  • How does one’s standpoint affect knowledge?
  • Who are the marginalized figures in the history of philosophy and why were they so treated?