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Why Choose a Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies?

Our program enables you to explore this dynamic region in an interdisciplinary way. By minoring in Latin American and Latino studies, you will become immersed in the exploration of the complex histories, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cultures of Central and South America, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.  

What You’ll Study

Our Latin American and Latino studies minor focuses on significant student-faculty interaction. Courses range from broad overviews of Latin American and Latino politics and modern Latin American and Latino history to focused studies of pre-Columbian art and Chicano and Latino popular culture, and are offered by a wide variety of departments and programs, including art, Hispanic studies, history, international affairs, music, and sociology and anthropology, among others. We are also committed to student-faculty research. Some recent research topics are representations of Mapuche identity through poetry and hip-hop and alternative publishing networks in Latin America.

All of our students are required to spend at least one semester on an overseas program. You can choose from six programs in Latin America with a Spanish language focus:

Outside the classroom, the Keck Interactive Learning Center is a language center and community area that is packed with linguistic and cultural resources. Every year, our program hosts a variety of cultural and academic events featuring invited scholars, artists, and activists on themes related to the region.


Complement Your Education With One of These Majors

The most popular majors for our Latin American and Latino studies minors are Hispanic studies, international affairs, and sociology and anthropology.

What Students Are Saying About Lewis & Clark

  • Lucinda Law

    I have gained the Spanish fluency that I wanted, and also feel that I have become a stronger and more aware student and citizen.

    Lucinda Law BA ’24
    Economics | Latin American and Latino Studies; Hispanic Studies (double) | Chico, California
    More about Lucinda

What Can You Do With a Minor in Latin American Studies?

Our alumni use their minor in Latin American and Latino studies in a variety of endeavors. In addition to receiving Fulbright and other grants to teach English or do research in Latin America, our students pursue careers in education, academia, public health, media, cultural exchange, and other fields.

Dedicated Faculty

Our expert professors are your expert mentors. You will learn directly from faculty (no graduate assistants here!) that are nationally recognized in their fields of study and who love to work with and learn from their students. Your professors will inspire you to be a thoughtful and passionate participant in a diverse world. Your small classes will support you as you explore new ideas, find your voice, and speak your truth.

Meet the Professors

Invest in Yourself

A private liberal arts education is often more affordable than you think. Last year, Lewis & Clark distributed over $74 million in assistance from institutional, federal, state, and private sources. Additionally, we’re so confident that our first-year students will graduate with their bachelor of arts degree in four years that if you don’t, we’ll cover the extra semester of tuition.

Find Your People

The student-led Spanish Club organizes activities like salsa lessons, movie nights, and attending plays in Spanish. One of the oldest journals at L&C, Polyglot gives the opportunity to students of all levels to publish their work in Spanish.

Where Lewis & Clark Will Take You

  • Alexander Castanes BA '18

    While the classes I took helped me write and exposed me to new forms of knowledge and experiences different from my own, my professors taught me how to interact with people.

    Alexander Castanes BA ’18
    Sociology and Anthropology | Latin American and Latino Studies | Seattle, Washington
    More about Alexander
  • Elise Pfrommer BA '21

    At Lewis & Clark, I was always taking a variety of classes in different disciplines and using my brain in different ways. This definitely serves me well in my job now!

    Elise Pfrommer BA ’21
    Environmental Affairs | Latin American Studies | Lexington, Massachussetts
    More about Elise

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