• <a href="/live/image/gid/673/width/650/87907_Data_Science_crop.jpg" class="lw_preview_image lw_disable_preview" tabindex="-1"><picture class="lw_image lw_image87907"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/673/width/720/height/690/crop/1/87907_Data_Science_crop.rev.1617408685.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" srcset="/live/image/gid/673/width/720/height/690/crop/1/87907_Data_Science_crop.rev.1617408685.jpg 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/673/width/720/height/690/crop/1/87907_Data_Science_crop.rev.1617408685.jpg" alt="Training in data science at Lewis & Clark will not merely make our graduates more employable ..." width="720" height="690" data-max-w="665" data-max-h="665" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </a><div class="hero-split_image_caption collapsable-caption"> Training in data science at Lewis & Clark will not merely make our graduates more employable in the short term but also cultivate them as lifelong interdisciplinary learners, capable of tackling wicked problems and exploring for the global good.</div>

Training in data science at Lewis & Clark will not merely make you more employable, but also cultivate lifelong interdisciplinary learning. With a data science minor, you will be capable of tackling wicked problems and working for the global good. The field of data science is dedicated to quantitative problem solving, and our coursework will teach you best practices in data collection, management, measurement, visualization, analysis, and inference. You will not only learn to harness data, but also understand its societal consequences. Because data science focuses on quantitative analysis in application—for example, in the domains of politics, economics, health, or technology—it requires substantial critical thinking in conjunction with sufficient understanding of context. We will make sure you know how to get the numbers and how to understand what they mean.

  • To me, the liberal arts stand for the principle that not all learning needs to be instrumentalized, and this is a privilege that I wish more people had.
    David Salkowski 2014
    Charleston, South Carolina
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  • The classes on my overseas program in London provided me with opportunities to explore English literature in more varied ways, such as through the study of contemporary works and linguistics.

    Arista Engineer BA ’19
    Pune, India
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  • Lewis & Clark has molded me into an independent thinker, ready to ask the right questions at every turn.

    Mako Gedi BA ’17
    Portland, Oregon
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