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Political science at Lewis & Clark College is small department with significant student-faculty interaction. Unlike other colleges, international affairs is a separate department at LC, allowing our political science department to specialize in the study of American politics, comparative politics, public law, and political theory. We believe in a skills-based approach to education, and our goal is to use foundational and contemporary political theories to hone your skills in analytical thinking, quantitative assessment, writing, and speaking. We pride ourselves on being a rigorous but supporting environment in which you can investigate questions such as: How do democracies become authoritarian regimes? How does religiosity mediate political belief? Is there a constitutional right to privacy? What are the moral responsibilities of citizens in a democracy? How can we best understand and construct public policy?

  • L&C is true about what it is and upholds the values it espouses.

    Zafar Ali BA ’20
    Political Science, Economics | Tribal Areas, Pakistan
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  • I have become more open to exploring new subjects, especially with my interdisciplinary education.

    Sabrina Cerquera BA ’20
    Environmental Studies, Political Science (double) | Miami, Florida
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  • One of my favorite classes has been American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties with Professor Todd Lochner. The class made me reexamine my thought process on law and society, and the discussions challenged all of us to see existing prejudices and biases.

    Alex Scioscia BA ’21
    Political science and German (double) | Alexandria, Virginia
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